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Newly Minted Alliance Searching For Teammates

Are you tired of being the only person (or one of few) working towards mission goals? Are you Sick of having a lazy leader who lets things slide? Or perhaps a Tyrant who changes the rules or threatens explusion?
We Are IslaSornaTimeShareCo
We are a newly minted Alliance of fun players who like to chitchat with our teammates and nickname the creatures. We are motivated and looking to quickly grow to a consistent 4/4 Alliance. Join us while the mission rewards are less exciting so we can accomplish wonderful things in a few weeks when the rewards change!

Our brand new alliance, IslaSornaTimeshareCo is looking for members! We started an alliance to build a friendly, chatty community full of people to help us meet our mission goals and forge camaraderie. Our reward goals are to reach 4/3 and higher. We have a kind, motivating team leader. We want to have fun while keeping an active team. No zero trophy counts, no inactive members. All levels welcome. No booting for inactivity with heads up in advance.

I am already part of 5/4 alliance. Just here to wish you good luck with your recruiting. May your alliance achieve their goals.

Thanks. Its super hard starting from the ground up. There are many places where I’m not even allowed to post until we have a certain number of members.

Yeah it is a difficult grind to go through to find members and all the other technicalities come into play which makes it a hassle. Keep striving and do not give up.

Who is your leader? Thanks to a bug you can no longer tell when looking up another alliance.

Wishing you the best of luck!


ArmadilloRodeo is technical leader, but AinsleyMarie is my twin sister and copilot

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We did notice that you could no longer tell who is the leader. I was curious why.

We’ve been running for a week and a half now. We started last monday with 10 members and we’ve swiftly grown to 26 active members (and counting!!). We completed the missions this week at 6/6 with our eyes set higher. We’re looking for active players with great attitudes.

We’ve made strides with a small group, just imagine what we’ll accomplish with a few more members!

Looking forward to teaming up with you,
ArmadilloRodeo #4997