Newman was killed at night for crying out loud!

Ludia, can you please make dilophosaurus more common at night?

A) Its DNA is incredibly useful, and with day light savings it’s near impossible for those with school and daytime jobs to find him.

B) The most iconic scene featuring dilophosaurus was at night killing newman. Yet its almost exclusively a daytime spawn.

Him being a daytime dino makes ZERO sense in terms of both JP/JW canon and JWA gameplay for the majority of players.



Where’s the 10 characters


I make the same reference to Nedry as “Newman”, the character he played on Seinfeld.

Seems logical to me. I do find it rather odd that a Dino that seems as predatory as Dilophosaurus would be a day time lurker

I think Dimetrodon is more useful though.:thinking:


What does Dimetrodon, an all-day L2 dino, have to do with Dilophosaurus’ L1 partial spawning?

I’m a L3 player, so both Dilopho & Dimetrodon are not allowed here.
So I need both. And Dilopho had been released in event spawn more frequently than Dimetrodon.

Neat? Like mark posted he’s already a 24 hr spawn.

How did you get away posting something that isn’t 10 characters long?

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i’m fairly clever.

“thank you”

By that logic, Muldoon was killed by the raptors during the day so shouldn’t they be a daytime spawn?

Throughout the series raptors have been shown to be nocturnal predators far more than daytime. Hence why they spawn at night. Dilophosaurus in reality and in the films are a nocturnal predators. If Ludia is to follow their own logic, he should be a nighttime spawn. Though, a 24 hr spawn would make everyone happy.

I"m sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry.

LOL I sincerely wished nothing but death on Nedry. The book handled his death much better than the film.

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I never read the book nor have the time (b/c of where I work and all) to scour my local Barnes and Noble book store to try and find a copy just to read that one paragraph (if it is a paragraph lol.) So could you plz sum it up for me, I’m extremely curious please??

Why am I getting notifications about this post? I’ve never even postet here before :thinking:

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It happened pretty much the same as in the film version, except that the dilo that killed Newman was much bigger than the one we saw on screen.