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[News] CM Rose - Farewell Vikings & New Beginnings

Greetings fellow Vikings,

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that this is my last day as a Community Manager at Ludia. I wanted to thank you all for being passionate, engaged, true Dragon Trainers at heart :revolving_hearts: I feel so lucky to have grown and learned so much from this community and it is time for me to add a new page to my Book of Dragons and fly forward onto a new adventure!

This week we have recruited our first ever Rise of Berk Forum Ambassador @PkmnTrainerJ :fire: Some of you may know them as a Moderator from the fan-run Reddit who helped us put together last year’s AMA with our team. They are also one of the Chiefs of the Rise of Berk fan-run Discord! As an Ambassador @PkmnTrainerJ will be moderating and perusing the Forum while engaging players about the game.

All communications going forward for Dragons: Rise of Berk and Dragons: Titan Uprising will now be taken over by our seasoned Viking @Marcus.

Keep those Dragon fires burning, and we shall meet in the Hidden World :dizzy:


Thank you, @Rose You will be missed! :heart:

I’m at your service, Vikings.


Thanks for all you’ve done @Rose. Look forward to chatting with you more @Marcus.

Howdy everyone else, hopefully you know me from posts here, the subreddit or it’s Discord. Happy to help you all out however I can.