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[News] Code Error 233 Compensation | September 01, 2021

Hello Adventurers,
Thank you all for your patience. Bug Error 233 has now been addressed with the update that was released on Monday.
You can now find the compensation in your in-game Mailbox.

Non VIP players will receive 1 Dungeon Master pack
VIP players will receive 2 Dungeon Master pack

Thank you once again.


Thank you!!

Over half a month of inability to log-in, a pack or 2 compensation… Some things never change, along with some companies. Adios


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“Highest payout packs available”… Ludia can create whatever they see fit. You’ve artificially constrained yourself to this company’s wildly underwhelming compensation/rewards system. If this happened on most other games you’d be getting either a full/partial refund, a free month of VIP, or significantly more in-game compensation.

And what about the people who play beyond casually? And “aside from Gem and XP gain”? You can’t just put that aside - that’s one of the most important factors here.

There was no storming off, it doesn’t impact me as I already stopped. But I can continue to post comments on my friends behalf who still enjoy the game, to see if they may actually get some more appropriate compensation for their money spent on the August VIP - that didn’t provide anywhere near what they had paid for - as outlined by the company.