[News] DC HEROES & VILLAINS | Community Update - March 2022

Hello, Heroes and Villains!

We wanted to start off by saying thank you for all of your recent support on socials, and for everyone who has had a chance to try the game in early access. We appreciate your patience as the team ensures that the game is in solid form as we lead up to the official release in 2022.

To keep you up-to-date on what changes are coming to the game in its early access, we decided to share our first Roadmap with the community, highlighting upcoming soft launch updates between Q1 and Q2 of 2022.

Don’t forget to Pre-Register and invite your friends today to unlock exclusive rewards for you and everyone at launch!

2022 Q1-Q2 Soft Launch - Roadmap


:mega: = NEW Content
:house: = Performance Improvements
:crossed_swords: = Battle Improvements
:earth_americas: = Campaign Improvements
:heavy_check_mark: = Known Issues/Fixes

Each update will come with release notes that will give further details on the in-game changes.

NOTE: All content listed in the Roadmap is not final and is subject to change if necessary.

Soft Launch Update #2 (Expected March 2022)

:crossed_swords: - Enjoy improvements as well as a more dynamic and :sparkles: shinier :sparkles: battle experience.
:earth_americas: - Progression overhaul
:mega: - Get access to exclusive content with the introduction of the Battle Pass!
:mega: - New Raid Boss: Get ready to face the mighty Darkseid with your guildmates!
:mega: - New destinations and characters to discover, the home of the legendary Amazons, Themyscira.

Soft Launch Update #3 (Expected April 2022)

:crossed_swords: - General Improvements
:mega: - Enhancing the overall storytelling experience.
:mega: - Exclusive live events

Soft Launch Update #4 (Expected May 2022)

:mega: - Competitive Mode (PvP)
:house: - Guild Improvements
:mega: - New Characters

What are we working on now?

:earth_americas: - Localization - more language options
:house: - Game stability and general art improvements
:mega: - More content (New Characters and Locations)



I pre-registered a long while back, how do I get early access to the game? I am on both IOS and Windows 10 Pro.


Wonder Woman


Hi @WonderWoman,

It’s a real honor to be able to write to you directly and to know you’ve already pre-registered! :grin:

The game is currently in early access to select territories (Philippines, Denmark, and Belgium) at the moment. Keep a close eye on our social channels to get all the latest news!

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So should we expect DC Heroes & Villains to launch worldwide later in 2022, or is it too soon to tell?

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I am living in Belgium but the app is not on the Play Store.
Do you know why please?

Hi @Thrimph,

I should’ve specified that it is currently only available on iOS in Denmark and Belgium.

It is still too soon to tell at the moment. We should have more info to share after the soft launch updates. As always, we will do our best to inform the community ahead of time. Keep a close eye on the forum or the social channels for the latest news!

where is it available on the play store? In what country?

Hey Mada! The game is currently available on iOS in Denmark, Belgium, and the Philippines!