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[News] Disney Wonderful Worlds | Toy Story Land Early Access Event (May 31st, 2021)

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy, Parkitects!

We have great news to announce! Starting today, players will have the chance to gain early access to Toy Story Land by completing a special event for a limited time only! That’s right; you’ll be able to unlock an iconic new land to help you design your Dream Park.

Curious to know more? Read on for more details!

LIMITED TIME ONLY - Toy Story Land Early Access Event (Until June 27th)

  • Gain early access to Toy Story Land and exclusively unlock it by completing a set of weekly challenges.
  • Unable to complete the list of weekly challenges? No problem! Players will be able to retry the event until it ends!
  • Once the event ends, Toy Story Land will become available in the Land Selection menu at a later time, but will requirekey_icon to unlock it.

Plus, here’s what’s waiting for you in Toy Story Land!

New Characters


New Attractions


We’re so delighted to bring Toy Story Land to the game, as many fans have requested it! Though we’re still waiting for an official release date for the game, we’ll definitely let everyone know more as soon as we have more information. We know you’ve been waiting for quite some time and appreciate your support. Thank you for your continued patience!

As always, keep spreading the word to your friends and family to pre-register.

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If I’m unable to complete a single challenge (ie: Earn 20000 coins), in the 6 days, do I have to start that one over again the following week, or are there new challenges?

Hello @Revkev73,
The objective list will restart with new weekly challenges once the timer expires. :slight_smile:

I think it’s unfair for the loyal players who already have finished all the regular levels, to try gaining 20.000 coins when we only get around 150 coins for each difficult level (quick calculation: we need to complete 133 hard levels!!), while others receive sometimes 1000 coins for a regular level. Pretty unfair for players who already finished everything and are in higher need for a new land. Hope this will be fixed soon!

Hey @Pater_00,
Thank you for your honest feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:
Our development team is definitely aware of the situation.
As the game is still in Early Access, the team is continuously working on optimizing future events.

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I have not been able to gain access yet it still tells me that I have pre registered thats it