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News Flash : Ludia Hates You


Isn’t it obvious by now? Ludia serves their bottom line. They’re a business, I know this and yes, they’re here for profit, but they obviously do not have a long term plan for the game.This is plainly a get as much as possible as fast as possible and treat your player base (customers) with as much contempt as possible model.

Ludia couldn’t care less about us. This is plain.

I am dropping arenas tonight and will not be participating in this farce. I will battle for incubators and that’s it.

Ludia stop scamming, kidding us and make this game playable

I mean, Ludia can hate me as much as they want but I hate myself even more.


You mean Ludia doesn’t carrot all?



I dropped down 1000 trophies and couldn’t be happier. I adjusted my team for where I am and I win some and lose some. But, my incubators are always full now. And my phone appreciates not being hit and screamed at. Ludia and the top players can have their slug fest, but not me.


We are all guinea pigs in a human study on how to make an addictive game that is able to separate people from their money.

I’ll have to say, they did pretty well with this one. BUT… had they spent the extra dime to improve certain things, they could have gotten a dollar back.

Their loss.


Finally faced a bot today, haven’t even faced one in 3 months

the timer actually went to 0 for once! yay!


Guinea pig?

I have one of those, and he’s much less frustrating than this game. Lol


But does it have cloak ? Or invincible skill number b?


He’s does occasionally poof.
He’s good at digging. Lol


My rabbit has Thumping Rampage. 2 x annoyance damage and 3 a.m. Wake Up Family.



Really what’s wrong with ludia? Scamming more and more and more…broke spawnmechanic, event stops reduced massively…update 1.6 was a big fail again…if next update is a fail again I quit the game

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I’m waiting to decide, Ludia is hyping Thor, so people can get Allosino and Thor easier. If Ludia really hates us they are going to nerf Allosino and Thor really hard when 1.6 arrives. So we can enjoy our dinos for a week, maybe 2. If this really comes true they do hate us.:cry::wink:

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I don’t even think they run as a good business. I mean surely the new year is marketable and would be insanely profitable to have special events with needed dinos, then sell special scents and incubators to obtain said dinos??? Surely that was an opportunity missed

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We’re all victims of organised crime here.

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