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Greetings, Adventurers. We’ve been listening to your feedback from the start of the Open Beta right through to our most recent update - Gold & Glory. Thank you for taking the time to write in during our beta testing. We are working hard to have the best gaming experience for our players and we could not do it without you!

During the beta of Warriors Of Waterdeep, we have many design and balance changes planned across multiple updates before the Worldwide launch. We want to test out as many things as we can in order to make the best game possible. (Keep an eye out for our next update, codenamed Rock & Roll, coming soon!)

We’re planning an infographic to better explain the new XP system but in summary, most XP now comes from leveling up your gear. Leveling up your gear = XP = level-up your heroes.

We’re constantly monitoring the amount of coins that players need to progress and we are able to tweak the coin rewards without you needing to update your game. We’re also aware of a visual glitch in the Challenge reward system where rolling doubles or triples does not multiple your reward accordingly. Rest assured that you are getting X2 or X3 the reward, it just might not be displayed correctly. On your next reboot, you should find you received the correct amount.

Thank you for all your support and understanding. We intend to make Warriors Of Waterdeep enjoyable for everyone for a long time! Your feedback and suggestions will get us there.

Your Warriors Of Waterdeep Team


Thank you for addressing the community. I’m sure most of us are happy that you’re at least acknowledging that there are massive massive mistakes made with this update. Hopefully you can answer some real questions, not just explain the experience part, which we already understand.

Overall, this update feels like a complete and utter failure. If it was possible to roll a zero on a d20 this update did it.

Even upgrading the gear (which doesn’t make sense whatsoever) does not translate to leveling the characters at the same rate as the previous update. The rewards are so unbelievably small now that it will literally take years to level up. Also, why does it cost gold just to enter the dungeon?

How do you get legendary cards now? If it’s just from quest rewards, why? There was always a minute chance of getting them from challenge chests.

Since you need to upgrade all your gear (even though you’ll never ever ever ever ever use the crappy stuff, like having your cleric proc to attack when he moves) what is the point of selling unused cards back to Mirt for half of what you buy them for? This is another thing that fully made sense before this update.

Why don’t you receive rewards for all of the dice you obtain through dungeons?

Why was the Anvil in room 15 changed to being completely impossible, even for the most advanced groups? (One discord member has a party with levels 16,15,15,15 and can’t win)

With people’s main complaint being that the game was feeling like an endless grind to level up and beat play mode, why was it changed to intensify the grind and make it (literally) 10 times worse?


I agree 100% with mr. Awsome.
Also many interesting suggestions have been proposed by the players following the update 3.

I personally think the rpg/story element should prevail.
Its actually about 10% (or less) of the game.

Xp should be gained trough story mode and exploring (the grinding part) mainly. D&d never gave exp from item … unless we talk item creation.
Since all legendary item have “stories” in their descriptions, I would use that as a way to enrich the narrative of the game and implement access to legendary trough the completion of the dungeons in story mode. (Sub quest for item creations?)
Leveling is an issue it has to be a reachable goal in a decent amount of time.
I noticed some change in the rewards system, you upped the gold rewards.
I still think no entry fee and all dice rewards should be part of the solution, and the possibility to stop questing at any of the dice threshold.

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…and the possibility to stop questing at any of the dice threshold.

Do you mean leaving a dungeon after killing just 1 or 2 bosses? You can do that with the ‘X’ in the top right corner.

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Much as I hate this update to the game, XP in oD&D, basic D&D and 1st ed AD&D was given at a rate of 1xp/1gp of loot + set values on magic items + monsters. About 90% of your XP came from the loot you recovered.

Now that I think of it, you are right. I played all editions, but only a few games of the first editions and a lot of second editions and up.
My playing groups were always ditching the gold xp and made some rules favoring rpg xp. Most of the group I played with did the same thing in most of the other rpg games and systems.
And then years of video game rpg were doing similar xp rewards for completing quest …
So yea, you are right.
I still think I brought a valid point on some level.

Hell, yes… That concept is what, 40 years old?

Yup, created in the 70’s … old Gary Gygax… I started playing in late 80’s at 14 years old…

You are right, my bad. It was just not as intuitive (or clear) as before. Thank you .

The more I play the more I realize I might just give up. It’s completely broken.

Not only does it cost an absolute fortune to upgrade cards that you’ll never ever use to level up your character, you have so spend an additional fortune to level up your character!

Where are we supposed to get all this gold from?

I’ll give it 24 hours but if something doesn’t change right away, there’s no point in continuing to play.


Is this info coming soon?
Just waiting for it to see if I uninstall or keep the game.

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The only Challenge i cant do all 3 rooms is Heartcoil.(I can do it twice but all the best loot is on the 3rd D20 roll😡)

They have scaled them back as i couldnt do Harvestshield the 3rd time the dragon would wipe my whole party with his breath first attack.

They need chests back this loot roll combined with a chest would be awesome. Maybe add chests to the items you can roll for? Please lose the gold and Gems maybe 1 of each in the 20 items available.

You should keep all your treasure dice you earn this choosing is wrong.

I now have 48 hours of nothing to play for as none of the 4 challenges have any items my characters are trying for! Brutal