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[News] It’s the best day ever! [12/14]


Christmas came early for me and I wanted to share the experience with everyone here :grin:

Even though I’ve played since launch (pretty frequently, but still “cheap-to-play” as I call it) Indoraptor had been my only unique for months.

I’d gotten prizes the first tournament and ranked in the top 500 for the last two. But since then, I had been on a terrible losing streak. I Know many of you can relate … it felt like my team had been missing something and they just weren’t able to compete. The meta was changing and we were “outdated.” In any case, I knew I had to change somethings around. Here’s my journey on how I unlocked all 3 of these beasts in the same week:

regarding Magna:
This was a Dino I had wanted since Day 1. It’s speed (back when 128 meant something) was faster than almost any other Dino and it’s moveset and immunity didn’t leave much to be desired. The health is another issue entirely tho (we can talk about that later). There was one problem… and it was an irritating one. I had tried dropping down to farm irritators several times, but I’d usually just climb back up empty handed. Alas, after maxing out my 2nd irritator event she’s here. There is something more important that this creature represents tho… and that’s teamwork. I honestly think I’d be waiting for the next event sometime in 2019 to unlock this unique if it wasn’t for the generous contributions of my alliance… and for that can’t thank them enough #goSD

regarding Trykosaur:
This was another Dino I had wanted since launch too, but I knew there was something missing. It just wasn’t all that it could be, until 1.5 anyway. Requiring close to 3K T. rex dna to go from level 15-20 was no easy task, especially when another unique was rex dependent. This amount of DNA could’ve easily taken my indoraptor from 27 to 29, but I knew I had to pursue this monster regardless. Anky made this one a challenge too, but again hard work paid off here. I knew exactly who I’d be gunning for on all of the armored events. Welcome home tryko, I’ve been waiting for you!

regarding Thor:
I obviously didn’t want this one since launch :sweat_smile: but after seeing how successful other players were with it, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. This coming from someone who hasn’t darted a single allo or Tarbo since June! (This again wouldn’t have been possible without my alliance… or the perfectly timed Fierce Event, I did some serious grinding and went 60/60 on this one!)
I had debated making Thor though because I’m absolutely in love with my utahsino and seeing it’s epic make another legendary from scratch, and then be used for another unique was a conflicting thought. Now that I’m here though, I have absolutely zero regrets.

I know that was a long read and thanks for listening, but in short:
Hard work pays off, patience is key, and team work means everything

Enjoy the video of them hatching y’all!! :star_struck:


WOW great job!!!

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Congrats, Hersh! :clap::clap::tada::confetti_ball:

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sweet!! time to open up that wallet and level them up😁


Well done and congrats mate.

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Hip hip hooray :smiley:

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Let’s party! :partying_face:


I’d like to give shout out to all the fast flaggers. Propably world record. It took less than one minute.
I am equally as proud of you guys as I am proud of @Hersh!


How’d you know I liked Coke over Pepsi! :joy::innocent:
Hahaha and thanks @User1 !!
The trio came just in time for the tournament too :trophy:


Wow! So many amazing uniques in 1 week! I’m so happy for you! Congrats! I wish i was also in such a generous and supporting alliance as the sand dunes. Whats your next dino goal?

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High five! :grin: Congrats!

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Great work! Congratulations! :+1:
Btw, @Hersh what’s going on with your trophies and team?

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Haha thanks guys!
@Sherwin … I really don’t know what’s next for me :sweat_smile: the thought of working on utarinex has crossed my mind several times the last few months, I think I may just need to commit to that plan after Thor levels up a bit

Lol, you are witnessing my last attempt of arena dropping for DNA. It was just as fruitless as the first 2 times I tried. I’m just picking a tier appropriate team so I don’t piss off everyone in the climb up :joy:… the thought of unleashing tryko in lockdown has been tempting but I’m not that mean :innocent:


Oh, I guessed so. Once I also dropped down to get more irritators but then I realized it wasn’t worth it. :slight_smile:

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I find out another side of you: screen capturing addicted like me! :heart_eyes:

Well this reminds me something :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl: nice memories…

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@Hersh How you found Kentro? I am far from Tryko mainly because of Kentro. 1200 Anky I have but 0 Kentro. And 5K+ T-Rex.

120/250 on Tryko currently :frowning:

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Super jealous of your Rex stash, And Youre just about half way there too! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

I live right in the middle of L1 so kentros aren’t that uncommon of a spawn over here.
I had been saving up every single kentro and anky since launch just for this day tho :joy:


So happy for you!!! You deserve it! :heart::heart::heart::kiss:

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I hope u know that you had a big part to play in this :wink::heart_eyes: #SD

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Sand dunes FTW!