[News] Jurassic World Alive | 12 Days of T.rex (2021)

‘Tis the season to be jolly right? :gift:

Well, between December 14th to December 25th log in every day at 10:00 AM ET and visit your mailboxes to unwrap a special gift from a very special dinosaur with short arms and a big heart! :t_rex::heart:

Be sure to check in daily because each mail item will expire after 48 hours. So don’t miss out and collect them before they’re gone!

Happiest of holidays! :snowflake:


Nice. I hope it is more Aberto DNA.
Thank you Ludia for the free bees.


Enjoy everyone! :gift:


Merry Trexmas everybody Merry Trexmas :t_rex:


Thanks. Is the daily gift same for everyone?

I assume so.

So far alberto; fips; coins; hard cash.

on the 12th day of christmas my trex gave to me 12 apex DNA 11 food 10 darts 9 unique DNA 8 pounds of coins 7 pounds of dollars 6 interactions 5 plays for dinos 4 raptors in a group 3 compys in a flock 2 gen dinos and a incubator

i got nothing but 1 epic inc, some boosts, and some rare dna