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[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.1 Update Issue fix (September 23, 2020)

Hi DPG members,

We hope you are enjoying Jurassic World Alive’s latest update!

We became aware of a couple of issues that went live upon the update and have fixed them immediately.

  • Dig in Taunt & Bellow now blocks 50% as it should be.
  • Definite Shield Advantage is now 2x as it should be.
  • Definite Shield Advantage cooldown: 2
  • Instant Invincibility and Instant Invincibility Taunt is increased to 4 attacks.

Thank you all for your patience and happy 2.1 playing!


what about instant invincibility taunt? it was only blocking 50% damage. is that still being looked into?


Ok. Was IIT fixed as well, or was that not reported yet?

Well that happened

@E.D Instant Invincibility Taunt is NOT blocking 100% attack. This needs fixing pronto too.

@Ned @J.C please get this to them.


@E.D Instant invincibility taunt is still not functioning correctly as it is only shielding for 50% as opposed to 100%

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Some fixes for the Raid lobby bugs will be nice too

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@E.D @Ned raid invites are not working properly keeps saying failure… and Gemini still has 2 turn cool down on shield move is this correct? As stated above IIT not working as intended as well


All issues are being looked into for sure. The team fixed what they could at the moment, but rest assured everything is being looked into :slightly_smiling_face:


I cannot join raids. Always says [Failure].


Thanks for the quick fix for these

Eremotherium does not have 100% resist to decel

Ok but, what about the Taunt invincibility that is not working as it should. It is letting 50% damage through. Additionally, you never fixed the glitch. Where if I try to swap out of my erlidom, it goes for cloak instead of swapping. It’s ridiculous that these things are not getting fixed, and with every update, you seem to break something else.

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Read the responses!

@E.D What about DSA cooldown?


I don’t see any mention of the eridom glitch and it keeps happening to me. This needs to be fixed!

And did I quote that bit?

Ok, I see your message but I still find that reiterating the same thing over and over when there is an issue seems to be the only way that it may get fixed . :woman_shrugging:t3:

Yes but E.D already responded to a question about IIT.

It’s better for you to not repeat what has already been responded to and focus on stuff that hasn’t. First glance at your post and they think yeah i’ve answered that already and knowing Ludia will miss the rest of your issues.

Good point.