[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.16 Login Issues

Hello DPG members,

An internal data issue related to the Daily Gift feature caused players to experience difficulty loading the game since Friday, June 24th.

We’re happy to report that our team has now addressed the issue! You should be able to log in to the game as usual. Please note that the team will also provide compensation to the affected players at a later time.

As always, we invite you to reach Support at support+alive@ludia.com - with your Support Key included - if you encounter similar issues.

We sincerely apologize for the issues it may have occurred and cannot thank you enough for your understanding.

-The Jurassic World Alive team


Better late then never.

I hope the compensation is more then 200 bucks :confused: my friend couldn’t log in all this time and missed out in some good dna.


But I think you have broken raids
We have tried 7 times and always times out
Tried it with Gorgo and Andrew and they all fail… so disappointed in Ludia fixes.
Do you actually fully test releases?

We just raided twice with no issues.


The compensation better make up for the fact that a lot of people were both unable to dart event dinos, and some unable to do their tournament 10 takedowns.


“addressed the issue”… Lol, who wants to bet it happens again in 48 days when the new reward DNA they put in to “address the issue” runs out? :thinking:



much love :wink:

When are we getting a aquatic update on Jurassic world alive

Pls let them fix the game first :wink:


[Aquatic Creatures-Dear Ludia…]

Hopefully never

Would definately break the game, and kill storage


I think I find new problem after we find the problem “30/31 report To headquarter” .The game always freezes and sometime crashes more than before problem “30/31 report To headquarter” begins.

Please Update game or Fixed it.

I like how most people join the forums just to post on threads made by the staff.

I’m also wondering if many lost their daily streak and got the reward reduced because of this.

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The green supply drops have also had problems, and nobody did anything to fix it, between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I had 1 single green supply drop, I lost epic dna which was important.

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Anybody see :eyes: any compensation from the team yet? :thinking:

Didn’t this like… affect the entire playerbase that had notifications turned on though?
Is everyone supposed to reach out to support @Daven ?
Serious question.
I need to tell my alliance what to do.

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When do you think we’ll see compensation @Daven ? Or has it already gone out? :thinking::cry:

@Daven @ned @Breona


I wrote support Thursday June 30th about this 30/31 login issue. I have not received a response or compensation from support. Only the generic message that someone will be with me soon. I contributed here on the forum with troubleshooting along with other members and of course you may view my accounts support key for proof.

Is there any update?



Also, more importantly, is there an update in the works for the massive map lag?