[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.16 Pass Progress Issue

Hello DPG Members,

We’re aware that many players have reported issues concerning their Pass progress not being saved.
Please note that our team is currently investigating the matter, and we’ll provide more updates as soon as we have more information.

Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

5:39 PM ET Update

Hello again DPG Members,

Please note that we will perform quick server maintenance to address the Pass progress issue in a few minutes. During this time, the game will not be accessible. Please stay tuned to this space for further updates. Thank you!

2022-06-02 Update

Yesterday’s short maintenance successfully prevented Pass Progression from continuing to reset. NOTE: Some players may experience a similar reset on their first login after the maintenance but it should no longer reoccur after that point.

The team is now working on the following:

  • We are developing a tool to identify the players that purchased either the Premium or Grand Premium Pass, and upon the deployment of the tool, this will re-unlock the Premium or Grand Premium Pass for players that purchased it but experienced a reset. This will be achieved simply by logging in. Please note this will not recover the Pass progression prior to the reset but will ensure the Premium/Grand Premium version is unlocked for impacted players. The team is aiming to have this tool deployed early next week.

We will be sending out compensation mails to impacted players in the form of Hard Cash. It can be used to fast-track progression unlocks for players that experienced a Pass reset. These mails will be sent to players who experienced the reset for either the Free or Premium/Grand Premium Passes. These mails will expire after 7 days.

2022-06-06 Update

The tool was successfully deployed and ran on Friday, June 3rd. Players that purchased the Premium/Grand Premium Passes but experienced a reset should now again have access to these respective passes. A reminder the tool only re-unlocked the passes but did not redistribute the progression of the passes. The compensation mails containing Cash were meant to both compensate and provide enough resources to allow players to fast-track to the progression point they were at prior to the reset.

Should players continue to experience any additional issues with Pass purchases or progression, please contact our support team over at support+alive@ludia.com with your Support Key included.

We thank all players for their patience and understanding in this matter. Happy playing!


I was at pass level 7 when it reset, i would have been pass level 19 right now, but the game is incredibly broken, from not loading, to models being pure white (not talking about the mortem skin) and even suply drops freezing the game. This is the games buggiest update by far.


I was at pass level 11 before it was reset and I paid 200 in game bucks to level up

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I think you can write to the support to get at least this 200 HC back

I was on level 14. And this happened. Sent a support email.

@Everyone Until this is fixed I beg of you do not do the pass! and dont buy it becasue then you will have to buy it agian!!!


10 char ~

Return the daily task list to the original format. New one is ridiculous


Problem with that is we dont know if daily rewards can be stacked or if you lose them at the daily reset.

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They haven’t stacked historically, I wouldn’t assume they do now.

I paid for the $20 pass earlier today and got all the way up to level 6 or 7. When I just got back into the game, I’m back at level 1 and what I had purchased was gone so i lost $20.

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yeha it reset so i bought another pass so i,m down abunch of cash as in cash

Hello DPG Members,
We will be performing quick server maintenance to address the Pass progress issues in a few minutes. Please read the main post for more info. Thank you!


Once again an IN GAME announcement about this would be really really nice.


This sucks

Which main post??

And is this a 5mins job or a done for the day job??

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I thought to myself this would be a good time to use up some old scents I’m 2/2 on… used 8 minutes of a 3rd anniversary scent

What are the odds of actual good compensation for this failure? While they’re fixing things the missions should hopefully be reset too. I lost one of my two monthly missions last might before they announced that the points wouldn’t be saved, looking at the numbers it seems like that would cost a few levels by the end if the season.

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Will it also be addressing the issue for those of us who did not receive pass exp from weekly and monthly missions

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Have done all daily plus half monthly and weekly and it reset each one. Hopefully they properly give us the progress back