[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.3 Update Fixes & Known Issues

No, Tryko has been fixed. At least right now?..


The tryko nerf wasn’t technically intentional, they reverted the attack reduction and so tryko’s attack remains at 1600 attack instead of being reduced to 1550.


Kinda wish it did actual damage like it did at first, given how poor Poukidac is.

Other than that, glad to see Tryko being fixed.


I wish 300 HP Smilonemys nerf was a Release Notes error as well :pensive:


Thanks for the patch! However I want my aviary’s water cleaned :laughing:


Any updates on the limit on the number of specific wild creatures we can dart? It seems to be associated with short-range spawns as far as we can tell.

Uhhhh…. Limit on wild Creatures?!


YAY, victory


A wise decision. Thank you very much. Now also consider removing that nonsense bleed resistance from Thor


They didn’t fix Smilonenys? I retire :smiley:

Where’s the buff on my boi Glyptodon?

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He must become stronger. He must grow in power

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This is…fine, I guess.

I’d still reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallly like to see something on the wild creature limit though.

Ludia won’t charge the short range mechanic’s I had a email saying basically they are part of the game, they don’t see a issue with them.

To be honest, I haven’t needed to bleed or have been bled when it comes to Thora.

Maybe once when the opponent Thyla tried to bleed then we both were like oh yeah. He won still so not much of a buff. Kinda like giving Taunt resistance to Apato.

What about the glitches and lags? My dino attacks then the hit number delays. Game freezes…Newer phone and I never had an issue before the update. Sometimes it’s near unplayable.

Have you fixed the problem where the game is unplayable on iPhone? (Jerkiness, spontaneous phone reboots, massive power drain, etc.)

Looks like u need a new phone as was stated on the other thread you made .

@Eugene @Ned
Putting to your attention that velosrhacos never got the hp buff as stated in the patch notes as well.

Thanks, lyonidus! Our team was made aware and they’re working on addressing it.

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why cant megisto keep RT?