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[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.4 Content Release


Hello DPG Members,

Our team was made aware that some content from Update 2.4 was prematurely pushed and made available to players in the game on January 11th. This included new creatures, emotes and balancing changes. Our team has pushed a fix that reverts some of the changes until the official release of Update 2.4:

  • Creature balancing changes will remain as is. Full details regarding the balancing changes to creatures will be included in the official 2.4 release notes when they are published.
  • New creatures have been removed and will only be available to view/use when Update 2.4 officially releases. (If you’re a player that has already acquired DNA for these new creatures, the DNA will remain in your balances upon updating.)
  • Some players might see the Mr. DNA card appearing in their collections. These will remain present until the update releases.

We appreciate your understanding and support!


Now this is the kind of communication we are after. Thank you.


Woah woah woah, hol’ up, that was real stuff?? I thought it was a glitch or something like that.


Wow like i write a mini essay on how you should improve the communication, and meanwhile boom this comes around, i am very happy you addresed the issue you realy are starting to hold up to what you said in the gamepress response

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So does this mean notes the Friday? As that would be awesome


I do appreciate the communication regarding yesterday’s fiasco. I’m still not happy about the Grypoly changes or the fact they are going to stay in the game. The changes affect more than just that creature and once again could change how people decide to boost it (or other creatures). A fundamental creature change without notice is just unacceptable. I’m glad to see communication is improving and am looking forward to when quality control starts to improve as well.


At least it kept some resistance, so I’m not as mad, just bummed

It’s not the actual changes I’m mad about. I get why it needed to be changed. I’m mad that it was changed, without notice, and is going to stay like that. They didn’t even address the things that were changed in the announcement above. They just said the changes will stay. What changes? We were the ones that had to figure that part out.


lets hope that 2.4 sees some boost redistribution as compensation for this unexpected and accidental change


These posts saying that we appreciate the communication are really indicative of just how bad things are. This is still unacceptable. You have to expect very little to think this is good communication.

Which is when? How long are we expected to play without knowledge of these changes? A week? Two? This is the type of vague response that would be acceptable immediately after the incident, not after you’ve had a full day to come up with something. Not to mention the only reason to take this approach would be that you don’t have a complete record of the changes that were implemented. That’s your dev process for creature balancing? You make a bunch of undocumented changes and then try to figure them out later for the patch notes?

Now, past the communication part, this is your solution? The only logical reason I can think of to let these creature changes stand is that you have no way of rolling them back. Or at least no way of rolling them back without also rolling player progress back. The very idea that this could be the case is astounding.


Thanks for communicating with us, but when is 2.4 coming out?


for a second I thought this was the patch notes


Why does grypoly even need changed at all? A worse heal even with higher attack is still a nerf, and swap prevention resistance only helps with grypoly mirror matches. A completely unnecessary change to the heal. A balance that’s time could’ve went to some other creature that needs balancing


It would be good if as a new update for the Year 2021 and a new Decade, it included a Boost Reset.


Wow you guys are actually improving, I’m so proud of ya guys good job


So can we expect patch notes on Friday?


I hope you’re sarcastic because unannounced changes like this were actually part of the issues.


Well it just could stall to much, and mirror matchups were a pain, and it was impossible to stun and get out of no escape even though that’s literally one of the ways your supposed to get out of that. This really doesn’t make grypo that bad ferocious plus the new attack is still a lot 1,875 per strike plus a 38% Rending counter. The help will still be a lot but it just won’t be able to be haha full hp refill go brrrr. Although it’s sucks that they didn’t revert it till after the patch notes come out


It’s a bit of both. At least they didn’t sweep under the rug and say nothing. It’s something and that’s better than what we’ve had in the past. Look the bar was pretty low and they just barely passed it :joy:


hmmm strange regarding that a dodo is a t.rex a raptor an apatosaur

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