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[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.4 Content Release

Thanks! :grin:

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Happy :birthday:

And I’m not just some regular guy saying this. I’m a radical skateboarding dinosaur.

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I would think that they should make a sandbox where you can choose your team with and the opponents team with different creatures that will be awesome.

Sorry, I just gotta out of bed, if you don’t mind answering it: what’s going on with that “Grypoly changes”? What this means? :thinking::open_mouth:

Thank you :grin:

They are likely making some changes to Grypolyth

And untill by this day, Ludia didn’t make anything to balance that - except, limiting our raids rewards. But then, the damage was already done.

And, also, I never saw a post about this but there was one week we all had been left without the chance to raid M-Rex* because somehow the game glitched, and nobody could enter that raid. If I’m not mistaken, it was the day before Magnus was released.

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Grupo and Sarco are the top underdogs, Sarco is still good in arena above Aviary… I’m not mad with that, you can defeat Sarco without getting your whole team of Uniques wiped out.

But, Monolometrodom otherwise…


Will patch notes be today? Just seemed some unanswered questions people are waiting for, also curious to see what’ll be in the next update…

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I don’t think everyone missed Mortem that day, I certainly didn’t

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Damn, it’s even worst than I thought :sweat::sob::pensive:

I can confirm Mortem was working, as I know I have never missed a single apex raid, lol.

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They did change it already look at JWA field guide and compare dont think the change have hit the field guide yet.

Ceratosaurus (epic)

Define strike

Fierce impact

Long invisibility

Attack 2110

Health 5000

Armor 0%

Crit Chance 20%

Language in terms of use. Just trying to give you a chance before the flaggers arrive. I don’t personally care, but I’d hate to see you get flagged twice in the same post.


So when would we have the update?

Next week maybe

Some one should agree with my sandbox idea you could choose the level of your dinosaurs on your team and the opponent’s team and choose the arena even daybreak everyone should agree with me.

Ik it’s just that every thing is subject to change, so we cant be certain that it will stay that way