[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2.9 Login Issue

Run while you still can.


Really? Cause it still costs the same for me as before update 2.9

What’s the topic of discussion? I still haven’t learned how to operate this

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Ya atleast a 10 apex dna for each boss is useful

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I continue to be unable to use, even after update, then un/reinstall. Idea’s Dev?


It’s tiring seeing big companies do what ever they want, knowing that most people will still give them money. They need to be held accountable. I still can’t log with my Google Play account. I invested money in this game. Reading what others are saying, the compensation is an insult. And I might not even get it if I can’t log on before it expires. What’s wrong with these greedy companied ? They don’t have any decencies. I liked the game but the lack of respect is not acceptable. We should all give them 1 star rating on the Play Store, even those not directly affected.


Guys, at this point it’s useless complaining…

It’s been forever and we haven’t gotten any word on a better compensation

I’m gonna just forget about this and give up like I always do

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They toll me there is no better compensation at all,this it
I will no longer wast time with them,but from me not even a penny they gonna get,vip cancel and no more spending on the game store
Enough is enough……


I got that recently. I got so much DNA and new dinosaurs unlocked. Did you get a lot?

Same I legit haven’t Ben able to play since last December and they did nothing to help me

I am searching for my lost motivation after update 2.9 and log in issues. The way we who had problems got treated by support !!

To Ludia or support:

if you go breaking a window , don’t you pay for that ? And if you pay , you go paying what u want or you should pay for the cost of that window to be replaced? ( A proper compensation)
Do you then pay to the owner of that window or you pay to every household there?

I find myself, angry , sad, and disappointed after this treatment !!!

And I want to know why !? Give me a sound reason why we with the problem got treated that way !?
Did we do something wrong? Was it our fault ?


Still silence from ludia. I guess as predicted elsewhere they will ignore it until it goes away. Just to add to the list of things missed during 1/30. One week of paid membership for which ludia failed to provide a service


Because of changing the whole meta without boost reset and disappointing login issue compensation I have been concentrating more on Pokemon Go again. I have been playing JWA since the beginning and this is the first time I’m losing interest and motivation. Ludia’s silence is deafening.


Still no compensation come on ludia sort it out

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Unfortunately they already believe they have sorted it …

But that’s ludia for you - only thinking of ludia as always .

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What’s that bad smell?

Oh yeah, Ludia stinks


I finally figured out something that worked (for me) - and sorry if it’s already been posted somewhere as I missed it and finally lucked up on my own.

(fyi: I have an Android)

  1. I went into my Google Account on my phone (loaded up Google app, click profile circle in top right, then click “Google Account” button under my account name)
  2. From there, go to Data & Privacy
  3. Scroll down a bit to find Third-party apps with account access
  4. Look for Jurassic World Alive
  5. Click it, and then click REMOVE ACCESS
  6. It will ask for confirmation, so give it, and when you next play you’ll have to re-authorize.

This worked for me!! I didn’t have to restart or reinstall throughout this, though I had done both several times prior. Had also removed and re-added my Google account to the phone.

I noticed I had a similar problem with another app (Etsy), which wouldn’t let me log in with my Google account. This, combined with the fact that I had recently had Google account troubles with this account which required me to reset my password, led me to believe the new/persisting problem for me had to do with Google, not Ludia, or at least not solely Ludia.

At any rate - I hope this helps somebody out there!!

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  • The September 3rd, 2021 Cash Tournament will be converted to a x2 Multiplier for Alliance Points.

Hold up… they made that tournament advantage instead of skill, does that mean both 2x point tournaments are advantage??? That’s 2:5 point ratio for skill : advantage! That’s awful! Please change the last tournament to skill at the very least!!!

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I want a boost shuffle in Two month when unlock Hydra boa now I don’t need it

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