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[News] Jurassic World Alive | 20/40 Trophy System Activation

Hello DPG Members,

Our team was made aware of an issue where the 20/40 Trophy system was activated earlier than intended.

The 20/40 system will remain active for PvP Seasons.

We’d like to take this time to explain how trophies are distributed after a match:

Note: The Trophy balance you see from another player’s Profile and Leaderboard is their Highscore, not their current score

  • Each player is attributed a matchmaking score

    • Less than 5000 Trophies: The score is based on the player’s trophies and their full strike team’s power - all 8 creatures - with trophy balance having the highest weight in the calculations.
    • Greater than 5000 Trophies: matchmaking is based purely on a player’s current trophy amount.
  • For each difference of 10 Matchmaking points between the 2 players after a battle, 1 point will be used as a Trophy bonus or penalty, to a maximum of 10 points from the initial 30 trophies base. (hence the 20/40 output)

  • The player with the highest score will always have these points subtracted from the base +/- 30 trophy calculation at the end of the match.

    • Example: A player has a 50 matchmaking point difference that is higher (so 5 bonus points), if they win they get 25 Trophies but if they lose they’re deducted 35 Trophies.
  • The player with the lowest score will always have these points added to the base +/- 30 trophy calculation at the end of the match.

    • Example: A player has a 30 matchmaking point difference that is lower (so 3 points), if they win they would get 33 trophies but if they lose they will be deducted 27 trophies

The goal is to reward players when they defeat players ranked higher than them and penalize players less severely when they are defeated by players ranked higher than them. We thank you for your patience regarding the delayed communication.


So does that mean this new trophy system (which I’m a big fan of btw) won’t be in tournaments? Because I don’t think it should be implemented in tournament. If that’s the case then I’m excited to see how it goes. I do think it getting implemented in the middle of a season like it was is making it very difficult for it to “work as intended” and I hope it all balances out.


Not entirely sure why this was kept in
The 30/30 system worked very well


if this was implemented at the beginning of a season rather than in the middle, it would be much better received.


I personally liked the +30/-30 system more, thank you very much. This new system gives me more reasons to avoid PvP.


You still fail to note that there is an immense discrepancy in team power above 5k trophies which needs to be addressed.

Having a team of lv27 dinos going against a maxed out lv30 team, and still get penalised because said maxed team is a lower ranking, is not ok


Absolute garbage and this will surely serve to make what was already an absolute joke of an arena even worse!

So when Ludia dumps us all in the same pot every season, we play someone who is way higher under normal circumstances, but lose even more trophies? If they start after me I will potentially be playing some one with a way better team but will lose 40 trophies when I lose?

This has not been thought through at all.

Seriously is this the best that Ludia can come up with to fix the broken arena?


I think the score should be based on the player’s trophies and with the power of the 4 dinos you play with, instead of their full strike team’s power (all 8 creatures).


On aviary this system is fine but in library and above this system is a joke

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I already avoid the arena like the plague, so thanks for justifying my decision.


This is awesome!
Time to try for Shores again.
Now… If you guys can work on the whole luck of the draw thing next :slight_smile:


there is still quite a few issues with library and above scoring. still think team power should play a part in the leagues. at least the 4 chosen for the fight. as @Schtemty said, if someone with a stronger team starts later than you in the season, if they have a lower score but much stronger team and you loose to them you’ll loose a lot of trophies. it is something to consider.


i like this system. however, i really hope it isnt applied to skill tournaments.

putting it in advantage tournaments isnt a bad idea tho

i dont think you read it thoroughly.

that wont happen if they have more trophies than you.
this trophy system makes arena a bit more balanced.

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I think some of this issue could be resolved by not dropping people so low at the beginning of the season. The first few days are a mess anyways and everyone knows that but it should balance out as they are able to climb out quicker and you will start to be matched and play with teams at the same power level as you.


Shores is much better now…I have actually managed to stay in there since this was introduced. Thank you Ludia this is a huge improvement


Definitely. Not everyone has 8 dinos that are the same level and fully boosted. I have a full unique team but most of them are lvl 21-22. BUT my best dino FOR SURE is my tenrex at lvl 24 with 24 boosts. But when I don’t draw him, I instantly lose cause my entire team accounts for the matchmaking and he is my best dino by far


Same for me. My 23 tenrex is my best dino. But my other team members are strong too

The best way to progress in this game has always been to run an even team. When I was climbing I would hold off levelling creatures so my team only ever had a maximum of 2 levels between the lowest & highest. And boosts have always been applied evenly accross the team.


I personally think matchmaking should be based on team power only. Why? So droppers battle other droppers because droppers have similar team power.

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