[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2022 Weekly Schedule Change

Hello DPG members!

A new year brings on changes for most. Jurassic World Alive included!

One of the changes we will be bringing to the game in the new year will be the rotation of in-game events.

Starting in 2022, most of our events will be going from a Wednesday to Wednesday rotation. This change will take place starting January 5th, 2022.

We still have got you covered! The Weekly Event Calendar will continue to showcase the upcoming events throughout the week. They will now be published on Tuesdays before the new rotation starts (Wednesdays).

Take a peek below to see what the change will look like!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Hello again!

We’ve received a lot of responses following the announcement of our weekly schedule change.

We wanted to take a moment to clarify a few elements of the change based on preliminary feedback!

  • The reasoning for the change is to better align with other industry standards, which includes the added benefit of allowing the team to better react to unexpected issues that may appear over the weekend or long-weekends during specific Holiday periods.

  • The best way to summarize the change is that Wednesdays will become the main changeover and collection date for most of our Weekly/Monthly Events and Rewards starting in 2022.

    • The immediate exception is Tournaments; They will continue to activate on Fridays and end on Mondays with the rewards still becoming available then (like it is now).
    • An additional exception will be Alliance Mission rewards which will be further detailed just below
  • Alliance Mission Rewards Update: The original plan was to include Alliance Mission Rewards as part of the change but after further review we’ve opted to revisit this at a later period. This means starting in January 2022 the Alliance Mission reward pattern will remain as is. The Incubators will still become collectible on Mondays and when there’s a week with a Creature List change it’ll happen on the Monday still. When in doubt, the in-game timer will always be the indicator for the reset period.

  • The Event Supply Drops and Strike Events will continue to rotate themes on a 7 day basis; the main difference is that they will rotate themes on Wednesdays instead of Mondays.

  • We aim to continue showcasing higher rarity Event Supply Drop creatures on Weekends, unless otherwise specified. The exact Event Supply Drop breakdown will always be communicated in the in-game and external Event Calendar so be sure to keep tabs on our Social channels to find out more!

  • For the Monthly Event Changes:

    • The Daily Mission DNA Reward will now change on the first Wednesday of the Month
    • The PvP Season starts on the first Wednesday of the Month with the previous Season’s reward becoming available then
    • The Alliance Championship Rewards will become available to collect the same day the month’s final Tournament reward is available. The Championship following it will then start on the first Wednesday of the Month (For example, December’s Championship reward will be available on Monday January 3rd, 2022 and the January 2022 Championship will start on Wednesday January 5th, 2022).
    • The monthly Wild Creature spawn zone rotation will remain unchanged.

We hope this follow up in communication has clarified most questions on the upcoming changes. And as always, Happy playing fellow DPG members!


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Still not completely sure what this means


Is this meant to be a change to confuse us? I’m not sure I totally understand what this means

As far as I can tell we are getting an unnecessary shift in the weekly events


Need an example of a week.
If it’s simply moving everything a few days, then we’ll end up with Epics or otherwise good stuff(like legendaries and uniques) ending up on Sun-Tue. Is that really a good change, Ludia?


And what is the purpose of this? Just one more thing to go wrong?


Why? Just why ?


Why fixing or adding something that adds value if you can change the weekly schedule? :slight_smile:


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Now the new rotations and news will be included on Wednesdays and no longer on Monday? Is there any good reason for this?!


This is probably to benefit the devs and staffers more than anything else.

They are just informing us but making it seem like it’s for our immediate benefit.

It’s just a schedule change. Not a cough boost reshuffle. (Sorry, just getting over a cold)


Is there any particular reason why this got changed? That’s probably the main question I have. This wasn’t explained at all, yet I feel like it’s a very important detail to leave out. Weekly Events seemed fine, so I’m wondering why you are changing it up.


Updates hit on Tuesdays, so maybe this is related?


Its good for the Company, not the actual User.
with the new Shedule they can fix their mistakes faster.

Most fails happens Weekends or Monday, now with the new Shedule it can still happen, but they are atleast in the Office :smiley:

Because why finally fix the game when you just need to change the week start…


Kinda happy with the way it is honestly.


This seems very much unnecessary


Welcome to the Forum, CarelessPenguin!

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Alliance incubabtors will be bi-weekly :crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face::crying_cat_face: will the reward be double? I doubt it… :sob::sob::sob:

Yea this change is obviously for the company work schedule. many corps have work weeks planned like that.

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It only will change every 2nd week. Same as today.