[News] Jurassic World Alive | 2022 Weekly Schedule Change

Really? 😵‍💫 i guess that makes sense…?thought they were giving us an extra week to complete alliance missions because of the “bi-weekly” every two weeks… thats how most paychecks are like…

Hey we’re finally getting something we asked for… oh wait…


Yup, it’s better because they can fix their mistakes faster (esp the bad ones the seem to always occur over the weekend)

But you know, they could focus on not making them (repeatedly) in the first place…


Many past experiences told us if you force a change in order for a change, the ending will hit miserably. This rotation reschedule is not asked by anyone, it’s not like you’re done fixing all the bugs there is in the game, if you truly look for something better to do.


Another disaster that will make more players quitting created by Ludia.


Ok, this is very unnecessary. Why should this schedule change happen? Everything is fine the way it is, it’s doesn’t need to be changed.

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That graphic is more confusing than anything😵‍💫


Another change nobody asked for while the main issues still remain like everyone getting Parasauthops for free on their way to work, uh?

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Fixing things that aren’t broken


Considering they can’t even properly sync w the daylight savings sched, I doubt this won’t end in flames the 1st few weeks (daylight savings being a thing isn’t their fault tho)

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Ok. Maybe we can have them fix legendary and unique event stuff for once before a schedule is over. Also are they moving to the new end of the week or are they staying on the weekends?

Breaking things that aren’t broken


Next “improvement” - move the tournaments from Fri-Sun to Mon-Wed :rofl:


Nobody cares about tourneys anymore beyond the 10 kills when every single match is 10 mins of either testa or argent mirror matches, although we have to see what minor nerfs to both this patch do


At the very VERY least…. It’s been communicated so credits for that

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so wait, what does this mean?
weekly events seemed fine, this also just looks confusing

That describes most of ludias changes
And welcome to the forums

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Hahahahaa and my post is is blocked . why ?

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Meh. That’s my opinion.

Another unneccessary change. Probably wont even matter, as seriously doubt game will survive over holidays without boost reset/shuffle.