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We noticed some concerns related to AI taking over for players in the Battle Arena.

To answer these concerns, the AI takes over if a player has dropped out of the battle. This is normally the result of a connection issue. When that happens, the battle AI will temporarily fill in for the disconnected player.

If a player disconnects from a battle session, the AI takes over by using basic strikes, so as to not activate any cooldowns. If one of the disconnected player’s creatures is defeated, the AI will select the next available creature, starting furthest to the left. Once the player reconnects to their battle, they will regain control of their battle. The time the AI spends battling for the disconnected player is dependent on how long it takes the player to relaunch the game.

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Ok so what about the “players” I face up against with all level 30 dinos that are nowhere to be found in the leader boards? I can’t believe that these are actual players and not a completely AI formed team.


Okay, but can we talk about the players that drop battles purposely? We know you guys are out there!


Hey @Jorge


Thank you for this explanation!

In the higher arena levels, this tends to result in an auto loss, as every move is so vital, but I suppose it makes more sense than coming back into a battle and seeing all sorts of cooldowns burned that don’t make sense and having zero shot at winning.

I’d still love to see a way that users can opt to not fight the arena bots even if they have to sit in queue much longer to get a matchup.


You just switched the narrative. The complaints about AI aren’t tailored to players facing an AI that is just doing basic strikes. We’re complaining that we face off against extremely ridiculously high leveled creatures controlled by AI/bots. You know, those level 25+ triple hybrids that are impossible to kill, and facing off against 4 of them…


I am currently bouncing between 3400 - 3500 trophies, and at least 75% of my battles are against A.I who are 10+ levels higher than I am.

It’s blatantly obvious when you’re vs’ing a Ludia input Bot vs an actual player (and i understand and agree with the reasoning behind doing this - it just need to be better balanced) and is actually starting to make battling in Arena’s boring and considerably less desirable.

I have, and expect I will continue to spend cash on this game on-going, as it get’s me outside being fit and healthy so it’s worth every penny I spend from that aspect - but that will be short lived if the reason for me getting out and hunting, in order to do better in Arena’s, is simply ruined by poor match making.


I agree, they should give us an option in the settings to opt out of battles with AI. Then if it can’t find a human opponent in the time frame, we can try again or wait until later. Fighting creatures that not even the very best players on the leaderboards have, and way higher levels than we are (5-10 levels higher) is just ridiculous, demoralizing, and unfair.


I’m sure you’re doing your best @ludia !!

-ECHO #Echoed


I’ve seen many games where players drop (for whatever reason) and the game just times out … giving them an automatic loose; and I’ve seen games where the AI takes over with base hits and keeps the game moving at least, and perhaps the player can get back. I think this is the better approach.
This is a fairly fast-paced turn based game, and it works in this situation.

Just get rid of the high level bots that take over when you are already loosing (and only 2 losses???). Why are we playing cat and mouse with these bots, anyway? If a match cannot be found, just ask the player whether they want to play the AI.

I’m sure Ludia is working on solving this one… it is hated by all! Probably Ludia more than anyone else.


Just checking in to see if any humans are playing in the arena today. I have had about 75-80% bots over the last hour and a half.


Same match


Is Com short for Com-puter?..:thinking::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::lying_face::scream:


My very next arena match never guess what’s coming…



OMG the Indominus actually blocked both hits! I wanna shiny 15 min incubator for taking down 3 level 30 beasts. :crazy_face:


Please suggest to the developers that the AI use human players’ teams within that Arena instead of the AI having their own teams. This is literally the perfect system that ensures you will be fighting against a fair team, unless they happen to get the team of a cheat/hacker, but that wouldn’t happen very often and would be tolerable.


Perhaps the bot battles are designed to create a player action…yes it could cause them to quit but the gamer mentality would be to spend money to get better Ie; chances on larger incubators. Or spend more time hunting and leveling up. Look at the 30 players that have reached 5000 trophies. Pretty sure there has been plenty of money spent to break the bot barrier. 2 out of those three are good odds for Ludia to make the money they are looking for. If they made the bots more of a fair fight it effects the bottom line. Just guessing but I do understand business and getting customers to do what you want.


Atm i prefer play vs bots lvl 30 than vs spoofers on top 50, i usually was in top 100,but these days look at the team of that guys, indoraptors at 30, piroraptors at 29, and most of the team at 27+, i never saw a sinoceratops or piroraptor in wild dude. And i wasted more than 1500 euros in this game and play more than 6 hour at day. That only manage me to have a lvl 18 near 19 piroraptor, and just lvl 15 sinoceratops.
Ludia must ban spoofers first than remove bots lvl30