[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Championship Reward Collections

Hello DPG members,

A change towards the Alliance Championship reward collection behavior will be occurring. This will impact the current March Championship and future Championships going forward.

In order to collect Championship rewards within an Alliance, you must be a member of that Alliance at the time the reward is made available.

If you join an Alliance after the Championship has already ended, the reward for it will no longer be available to collect.

Players that attempt to collect a Championship reward will no longer be considered eligible and will be met with a connection error instead (the in-game message will be refined in an upcoming update).

To achieve this, a record of which Alliance Members are present in the Alliance upon the ending of that active Championship will be taken and noted. This will make sure that everyone who receives the reward helped the Alliance to achieve it!

Thank you for playing and keep on Championing!


Oh yeah
Thanks you Ludia

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That’s pathetic

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They told us this last month. It’s just more people noticing it today. It’s a reminder.

Is very good is the end of secondary alliance getting T9 and T10 without doing nothing.
Is best thing for tournament ever


If you say so. It’s still pathetic. Amazing how much power a handful of players have in this game. Perhaps Ludia should instead address the huge spoofing issue where players set alt accounts in different time zones to get early apex raids etc…


Yes it is. It’s still cheating and against the “rules”

Who says a player is doing nothing? A player in a secondary alliance as you say that scores high enough to warrant a higher reward doesn’t “do nothing”


Keep the AP name out of that tyvm. We do NOT let people jump into an alliance to collect rewards they didn’t earn. There are plenty of alliances and very large groups that do that and they make it quite obvious they do so it shouldn’t be hard to see who was doing it based on who is salty about the announcement. It’s actually sad that an announcement even had to be made about it in the first place because it was apparently happening and the fact they fixed it means it wasn’t intended in the first place.


Maybe now not but all top alliances do this for me is the best think Ludia do

Ohhhh boy. Here we go


So hoppers will get the rewards only once, even though they jump to other alliances?

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No, they get none


That’s always how it’s been, you can only collect 1 reward


I thought AP also do all other Top alliances do this think.

Hoppers can’t jump. Once the Alliance Championship is over, you can only collect the rewards based on the alliance you are currently in. If you hop to another alliance and don’t collect then you basically forfeit any Alliance Championship rewards


Of course this isnt fair.
I’m sorry Piere I thought also AP do this thing.
All other Top alliances permited this things

All top alliances do this :thinking: pretty sure only like 1 out of top 5 do it lol


You probably should not assume things happen when you have no idea.

Keep it on topic, discussion about the changes to the Alliance Championship is fine. Calling out Alliances is not, no matter the intent behind the talk, keep it general. Naming and Shaming is not allowed on the forums.