[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Championship Reward Collections

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How can you be sure that is this what happened? that the alliance didn’t remove players who have already participated during this whole tournament and brought someone else who didn’t participate instead? What comes of alliances who rely on additional members to make sure that if someone leaves mid time the alliance doesn’t lose their chance for Tier 10 reward?


Yeah I’m also really wondering what happens if you get kicked before it ends so that the alliance leader can invite someone else

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Once again the execution of a feature is extremely flawed. Just like everything else. Unfortunately all we can do is try to help ludia realize this and make a change fast

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Thank you for addressing this critical problem Ludia! It’s no fair that people would just be able to collect high tier rewards they themselves did not work for. Good change!


Hank we have a troll in the forum.

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Its not just AP that wanted the change. Lol

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Why do you change the rule in the MIDDLE of AC? Any changes of rules should be announced ahead of the next AC, so alliances can adjust accordingly. @E.D


Shouldnt be hard to just wait a day for ppl to collect rewards

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Not sure what would need adjusting. Everyone just collects the rewards they earned in their alliance surely?

As a leader of another top alliance, I can assure you not all top alliances do that (including mine)


And if a player gets kicked? Do they not deserve rewards?

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I would hope that doesnt happen. But unfortunately I know some people are not particularly nice leaders

Exactly. Thats the only thing i would change. Maybe just simply have them write into support or something.

Not sure how they can implement it. I hope those players that get screwed have some leeway with the support team.

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What are they kicked for though?

I do too. Like i said before. I wrote directly to ludia with my concerns about this. I hope they address it and change it

Does it matter if they arent cheating?

For being apart of the alliance, I was wondering what happens if someone kicks you to make room for a friend or something when you did all the work. Will Ludia compensate you or do you just take the lose and don’t get a reward