[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Championship Rewards Issue (April 4th, 2022)

– UPDATED 6:06 PM ET –

Hello DPG members,

It has come to our attention that few players had issues collecting the Indotaurus Alliance Championship rewards. The issue seems to be linked to the Stat Boost Reset Token inventory limit.

If you have an existing stat boost token in your inventory, the Alliance Championship reward token is meant to be sent to your in-game mail to be used within 30 days. However, we’re currently experiencing an issue where we are unable to send the extra reset token to your in-game mail.

As a temporary workaround, we suggest using your existing Stat Boost Token in your inventory to reset the inventory limit and collect the Championship Rewards before May 2nd.

We hope this temporary fix will help those that it affects while we work on resolving the issue!

Please reach out to our support team for additional troubleshooting at support+alive@ludia.com should you feel the need.

Thanks for your patience!


So the current solution is basically forced usage of the existing token whether you want/need to or not?
Are we likely to receive a proper solution that doesnt cost the player? How long are we able to hold off collecting the rewards without losing them?


I was able to collect mine so I assume it’s fixed.

So the fix is to waste the other one… classic.


The fact they’re not stackable was already clearly communicated. That one will stay in your mailbox as backup is no different either.


It’s not working as intended, though. Even if people have collected the first one from their mailbox, the second won’t go in there. You’re supposed to be able to hold one in your inventory and one in your mailbox. Right now the game is only letting people hold one total.


Indeed i collected the one from my mailbox the day it was received, as such under the guidance the new one should go in there.

But it doesn’t. The game just hangs as is being described by many.

Yes, i was agreeing with the poster above me’s comment to the previous poster.
Any word on how long we can hold off redeeming our rewards while they look for an actual fix? I dont see the point of wasting the existing token unboosting something only to put them straight back on.

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How about allowing us to stack multiple? Instead of being forced to hold one and them expiring?


I don’t have a token in my mailbox. Just the watch vid’s for 3 cash option,

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You probably collected it and put it in your inventory when they were given out a few weeks back.
Thats the point everyone is making, the attack one from the tournament inc should go into your mailbox for 30 days if you have one in your inventory, instead its just preventing you from collecting your inc unless you clear your inventory first, which many players are understandably loathe to do.

Thanks. I had misunderstood but its done now. I hadnt used it. Its going to be a real problem if this happens every time. Can the new ones just not get added just like scents?

Im holding off at the moment in the hope they actually fix the problem. I assume my tournament inc wont disappear on me?

Hello DPG members,
We’ve just updated the post to provide further clarification.
Feel free to read more in our dedicated FAQ here:

Our apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding

never happening, so deal with it

Will you guys be compensating the people that were forced to use their token in order to receive the Championship incubator?

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So use the token now and collect


Leave tournament rewards in situ and hope its fixed by the end of the game month to avoid wasting a token?

No? Would of been avoided if we could hold more than one.

too bad, it’s not going to be changed nor should it, they should just remove the boost mechanic completely