[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Championship Rewards Issue (April 4th, 2022)

It might be changed. Just rolling belly up and saying “deal with it” won’t change anything.

Id just settle for confirmation my reward will remain in situ while i wait for them to find a proper fix!:laughing::laughing::laughing:

I hung off using boosts till i hit the meta creatures, so currently have all my attack boosts on stuff i actually use.

just to clarify pelase:

every player received the same token type? or it’s random (some players got speed, some got health etc)?

is this happened because of being attack token a month ago + attack token today (if was 2 different types wouldn’t have any issue)?

the problem is that I dont have any boost to spend, so how can I use boost reset?

What if you’re not level 10 yet and can’t use boosts?

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@ ned, daven, e.d., any other mod.

Are we getting any further update on when a proper solution is going to be in place?

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I still cant open it you need to work you guys its still bugged for me

Any ETA for a fix? @Ned

Tournament bug still not fixed

fixed here. no announce?