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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Mission Reward End Time

Hello DPG Members,

The team has been made aware of an issue that was discovered upon preparation for Canadian Daylight Savings. As a result, please note the Alliance Mission Reward period will be ending exceptionally at 9:00 AM ET on March 8th, 2021.

The cycle will resume as normal for March 15th’s collection period.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced!


Will the rewards stay the same???

What time is it normally? Et time? So I can work out an hour behind or in front UK here. Ta

10am, so it will end 1 hour early

Thanks for making us aware as soon as possible.

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The awards stay the same just that u get them at a different time @GhastBusters

What about US DST switchover the following week?

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So, everything ends hour early, strike towers, event and tournament too.

Pretty much

Ah, ok. Just making sure.

I mean, they knew about daylight savings time for like ever, so really, they could have mentioned this at any point before now, let’s not give them any undue credit, especially after the last update

Not evey country follows the US and Canadian daylight savings time. So yes, they should announce that things will end an hour early.

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Do they have 2 time zones at Ludia? One for weekly missions and another for event strikes?

The issue here is that the only reason they announced it was going to be an hour early was because they screwed up yet again.

If they had not screwed up then they would likely not have announced anything, guaranteed.

Has anyone else noticed that that Tenontosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus and Dilodocus DNA count was not updated after opening the Alliance Mission incubators ?

They also couldve chose to not tell us they messed up something like they usually do. So yes, I’ll give them credit for actually telling us that.


I guess every little bit of hope with Ludia is worth grabbing.