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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Mission Reward Issue (October 23,2020)


Hello DPG Members,

Earlier this week some players received the wrong Alliance Mission rewards. We were able to identify these players, and we attempted to send them the reward they should have originally received. However, there was an error on our end that caused some of the players involved to receive the wrong reward a second time. We are actively looking into correcting this, and expect that all players affected will be correctly compensated soon.

Thank you for your understanding!


Thanks for the heads up mate😎

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thanks for the heads up.

Thanks @Eugene

I sent a ticket before seeing this post. Not something that i wanted but it’s done…

“There was an error on our end…” :joy:

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A collective addressing of the issue after 4 days and 8 hours is welcoming. Two mistakes on the same issue, I am forced to believe that whoever was dealing with it isn’t competent enough or aware of it to provide the fix. It’s not an overly comprehensive problem. Give a rare incubator as a consolation, and promise the missed rewards this week as we had already received the rewards for this week the prior week. I am sure majority would be happy even without the rare incubator. Or a 100 game cash. Such an issue when it impacts these many users shouldn’t be neglected. To me it shows that you aren’t accountable to your players or people who use your app. You can very well explain to me why I shouldn’t believe so.

True, I’ve recieved the rewards but both were the wrong amounts, one was higher the other lower than the one we got

Hey they actually came clean for once

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Oh yeah I think I was 1 of those players

Yeah I was looking forward to that darwinopterus DNA

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So I got the incubator but they ended up being the same incubator but different tiers, rather than two different incubators.

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@Eugene it’s been a week now, has any fix been proposed or expected on this soon?

Hi. After identifying the players that were messed up, we would like our correct rewards, $100 in-game cash and 1,000,000 coins for the second mess up. Thanks for taking care of your players. :nerd_face:

I’ve still not heard back after raising a second ticket in 4 days.

@Ned any news on this its been almost a week.

Haha Ludia

Still only had a generic “we’re working on this” since raising 2 tickets.

Cancelling my VIP because this service doesn’t deserve financial support.

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