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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Compensations (Nov 7, 2019)

I looked, searched. Nothing from the developers.

It’s Friday.

I had hoped to hear something, anything from them. Nothing but here, have 100 bucks.

Tetris it is.

I do not know why it needs to be specifically a developer. In most cases where I worked support, developers do not interact with customers and clients except in beta or the beginning of the first stages of a product.

Now that is not always true…but why is not a community manager with an obvious line to the devs not enough? What difference does it make who from Ludia speaks to us?

***I worked support for multiple companies before getting my degree in IT and I dealt with many customers while in support, that was my job. Now that I develop, I rarely if ever have any contact with customers. But, support defers to dev for answers and then relays that to customers. That is basically how its been in every place I have worked.


Well said. As long as there is some form of adequate communication going on, it doesn’t really matter who is relaying the information, whether it be the mods or the devs.

@E.D when is the 1.11 patch notes?

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I logged into my account to check, and it was sent 2 incubators (both epic) and 100 DinoBux.

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You said earlier that you don’t play the game anymore. I don’t understand how you could get compensations

I don’t play, my character is still in the alliance I used to run, I logged in to see if rewards we given out.

Ok. If you are still in an alliance, that makes sense

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No worries, I wanted to check because some players said they got the compo and others said they didnt, while others said they got 1/2. At least in the case of my account, they did send them, so im assuming they are being rolled out automatically if they even got my account.

I only got the 100 cash and erliko incubator, very disappointed about missing the bary incubator

If you were in my alliance I would kick you. You’re dead weight not playing. If it’s your alliance why not pass the stick to someone who plays and leave? @Stiffeno

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I did pass leadership when I quit, and he still runs it =)

I’d never just leave an alliance with wither away with no leadership, was only fair to step down.

@J.C @E.D hey I only got the defense incubator, I never got the exploration incubator. Been waiting but it’s been a couple days now.


@E.D @J.C I didn’t get the defense incubator as well, do I keep waiting or send a ticket about it?

Got dna, but the banked coin/$ is gone. Will that be compensated?

I would send a ticket in at this point

Let’s give @E.D a hard time already lol.

I wish he could post the next week planning before the 1.11 release notes.

Next week begins in a few minutes and we still don’t know the events.

@J.C Do you have any information about this, please?

Thank you!

I do not, but E.D is not in yet today. I have messaged them about the missing info so they can see it as soon as they get in.

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Thank you very much @J.C. I am sure that everyone appreciates your help!