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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions is FIXED


Hi DPG members,

During the lapse in the availability of the Alliance Missions feature, the Alive team took the opportunity to adjust some mission rewards and some objectives. This includes making some missions that were too difficult for their rank easier. We did so based on player feedback and analysis, and we are confident this rebalance has made Alliance Missions a stronger feature that will remain rewarding to players week after week!

The rebalance caused some players to be stuck at locked progression points. We are happy to announce this issue is also fixed, and all players will be able to enjoy the feature!

As always, thank you for your feedback. Together, we can always make the game better.

For more questions or comments, please contact Customer Support.

Alliance Missions Still Bugged

Great! Thanks. Much appreciated! Will you also connsider fixing the buggy alliance chat? That would ne awesome!

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IF this is new information, I really wish you would use a NEW POST, because a post that is 20 days old is confusing. I’m still not sure if this is old or not. Your post says 20 days old and there is no date or time in the body of your message. Please stop reusing old posts.


it’s new, they make draft posts thus the odd dates


Could you recommend that they include the current date time in the actual post when they post it since these are so confusing?


totally! consider it done


Thank you!


Not fixed for me


The defense missions are still wacky.
From rank 3 -4 two of the missions are
2000 battles
1000 take downs
That feels backwards.

Even at extremes where all of your loses you make no take downs that assumes you only win 17% of the time.

The numbers should be switched the 2000 battles will take a lot longer to complete than the other missions in the same tier.

Also feels very disingenuous to say they are fixed when there are a lot of people would cant participate in them due to another bug.

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They could just copy and paste the draft into a new post. That way the date is correct which avoids confusion AND we receive a notification for the new post.


My alliance missions are still not working and support has not replied.


Some of the Alliance members that were having problems before are also stating that that they are still having problems. At least one says it is now fixed.


Has everyone still having problems re-downloaded the game from their app store?


Or try restart phone, or clear cache of the Game

When you try tro reinstall, be sure that you have linked your Game with Google Play or Facebook

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It’s fixed for me. It let me claim the defense incubator. Once it was claimed the regular ranked mission incubators showed up that i could claim up to the current point the alliance is at.


Fixed here. I had to restart the game however.


I’m not sure everything is fine, the values ​​for meeting the tasks have been raised and I think rank 5 is unattainable for most of the alliance :frowning:


Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having issues after the maintenance. Could you try completely closing the game, and then relaunching to see if that helps? If the problem persists after restarting, reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can investigate further. In the meantime, we do not recommend reinstalling the game unless your game is linked to either your Facebook or Google Play account and you have your support key saved, as reinstalling could cause data loss.


Were already done with exploration. On the last set of tasks for defense. With 3 and a half days left. Definitely obtainable


I am in a family orientated alliance, 50 members with 25 of us actively playing. I agree they are still attainable, at least the ones we have received. Perhaps not a Rank 4 Rare or Epic mission though.

We are almost 1/3 of the way completed on Rank 4 Exploration, started this morning. We should be able to complete it by end of missions.

We are Rank 3 on Defense. We get 25 Daily incubators a day, that is our only holdback. With some planning and holding back on Sunday collecting, we might be able to get enough to go one Rank higher.

Granted, to complete them all you would need full participation from an alliance or those that do participate have to grind a bit more. A group of very casual players is not going to hit Rank 5. That is the way it should be though.

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