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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)



UPDATE 2: Rewards for Alliance Missions have not yet been sent. We are currently gathering the necessary data and more information will come shortly.

UPDATE: Please note that all Alliance Mission rewards will effectively be sent out on Monday (02/11), as intended. The rewards will reflect a + 1 to the tiers achieved prior to the issue with the feature to compensate for the inconvenience.

Hello fellow DPG members,

We’ve become aware of an issue with the Alliance Missions that has rendered them unplayable. We are looking into this and will be working on a fix as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

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Thanks for swift reply. And i give my respect back to ludia for this response. at least there is a response and reply.


OK…how soon?

My alliance had reached rank 4 incubator progress, and one even close to complete rank 5.
We might failed to arrive at there if this problem keep happening.:tired_face:


I also hope that you can fix the problem with the login of the game, it becomes slow and closes unexpectedly. And so it continues from the last update, I play with an iPhone 6. Please, fix it.

También espero que puedan arreglar el problema con el inicio de sesión del juego, se vuelvo lento y se cierra inesperadamente. Y así se sigue desde la última actualización, juego con un iPhone 6. Por favor, arréglenlo.


thankyou for the fast response and for updating us. this will really set back alot of folks though and im afraid some will not complete the missions in a timely manner. my clan only needed about 150 more battles to complete the last portion of defense and now with this issue, it will be really close for us to finish.


@DinoL3o u see this?


hopefully our concavenator and majungasaurus DNA is safe :crossed_fingers:


its about the accomplishment to me anyways.


Yes I do lol


Thank you for letting us know that you know. Haha it’s frustrating when stuff like this happens, but you have been pretty fair compensating us in the past when glitches happen. Fingers crossed


Hopefully its taken care of soon. I’m going to be to be quite upset if the real money I spent isn’t compensated or the rewards are reset.


Our alliance worked so hard and some people spent money to help aswell. We were just shy of rank 5 exploration and just shy of rank 4 defenders. We were on track to get both of those if we weren’t interrupted by this glitch.


We’re loving the new update tho, thanks for all the new and exciting content. Now just got to get it running smooth. Keep up the good work Ludia.


Hopefully it will be sorted and rewards given according to what we reached…

If its fixed but all progress lost then compensation should be awarded.


It’s ok. We weren’t gonna get the battles in anyways. Feel free to start next set a day early.


Annoying that it happened but love the communication. Cheers


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A new bug on top of all the other ones that were not stomped on in the last update. Most competent software companies would have fixed the bugs before introducing new “features”


It’s all good.

I’m still lovin’ the updates.


Means a lot that you came forwards and promised a fix so quickly. Thank you, Ludia!