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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Weve opened no rewards


The rewards will be sent out later today, assuming around similar time as tournament rewards get sent


Then that means it IS still glitchy, because if you read the recent posts here, quite a few have opened a rank 1 exploration incubator and got the rewards from it. You saying you’ve opened no rewards, this just means things are still not right.


:man_shrugging: idk man. working for us. All i really care about tbh


You don’t know if it is working for you, it might be in some way but whether it’s the way they intend is up in the air.

Hopefully they update us with some info once their office or whatever opens.


Guys, if tournament reward is a guide, the reward will hit around Monday midday US EST. For those who are not in US, just wait a bit


Of course I read the first post of this discussion. That’s why I figured out, that it’s already 11/02/2019 in my country and I still didn’t get anything. It was just a bug report, since some people get their rewards or the wrong rewards and some people don’t get anything.


“On Monday” doesn’t mean “On 00:01 o’clock on Monday MEZ”, they are sitting in Canada, be reasonable. Tournament rewards also always come out sometime on the afternoon in middle europe.


The guild’s missions started again … and for some reason I received some rewards and case of the basic level … With the guild we were at the gold level!
I demand the right rewards!
In addition, the season is over and do not even give the hatchery anymore for those with more than 2500 trophies
I start to get tired, it seems that you do it on purpose


Be patient guy’s, i guess reward’s come in around 5h15 from now, with the first strike events and weekly dino’s !




Nobody getting anything yet, all ppl are seeing is the next alliance mission. That are just confused.


I seen people saying that already been rewarded with Alliance incubators, but received 100 Sino DNA only - as opposed to 500. New bug?


Someone received 200 sino DNA like for the 2nd rank.


I seriously doubt what these ppl said, anybody got a screen shot?


You seriously doubt what? That some people got a rank 1 incubator with 100 Sino dna? You calling people liars?

I don’t have a screenshot but I have better things to do than lie about a game.


That’s not right. You should create a new topic on Bug Reports or contact their support directly.


Just chill, dude, nobody is calling anyone liar here. Just want to makes sure we got the answer right. Are t we suppose get something from liking the game at Facebook today? I didn’t do it but that may be it.


That’s Tuesday, and no this is nothing to do with that.

This incubator was on the alliance missions page where you tap to upgrade the rank. It said claim rank 1 on exploration only.


That’s for this week mission, not last week. U meant u got 100 sino from it?