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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


What happens if I change alliance before they fix this? I was supposed to join another alliance today. Doesn’t bother wait another day if this delays more than 8h from now


How difficult is this to understand???

This morning, logged on and the alliance mission page said collect rank 1 incubator for exploration. I tapped it and got 1000 triceratops gen 2, 100 sino and what ever enia thing was.

Then we started building towards rank 1 for this week. When we got to rank 1 we upgraded to rank 2.

You don’t get the incubator rewards until the end of the week.


I received Trike, Einiasuchus, and Sino but drastically less than what my alliance actually earned, and none of the defence rewards full stop. Very confusing, hoping it’s all sorted soon.


No idea then, no one from my alliance plus another 3 is getting anything yet.


I suspect the actual rewards from last week will drop at the start of this weeks event in a couple of hours, not guaranteed though but makes sense.

But they’ve not confirmed that things are fixed yet either, after all rank 2 requires 10,000 darts which i think is wrong. Ludia started with good communication on the situation but they failed to follow through with updated comms.


Thought u got yours?


No, I am waiting for mine. We reached Rank 5 exploration and Rank 4 defense.


IC u were so sure u got yours just now and I thought I was missing something. I am ok then :grinning:


I never claimed I got my reward. I was stating what I got along with others which was some random rank 1 exploration incubator. Never stated it was the rewards we were waiting for.


Really? Then why did u take a pixx at me when I said I doubt all these ppl who claimed they received their reward for the alliance mission? Dude, I wasn’t even responding to u!!


Dude, not a single person has claimed they have received their expected reward. People are claiming they received the random exploration incubator.


Please look at the 2 comments preceding mine. I was responding to them


Those two before you are talking about the random rank 1 incubator. How difficult is that to understand? The first guy of those two said people saying they been rewarded with incubator containing 100 Sino as opposed to their expected 500. Is this not what i’ve been saying all the long? Yes it is.


Hey, guys, the devs are still looking into the problem.

Rewards have not gone out yet, they will be out later today.


Like 10 AM EST?


I was not given exact times. Only that they will be going out today, February 11th.


OK, because for me, the common dinosaurs of the special events appear at that time


Sighhhh if u go up a few more comment u will see ppl claiming some others already got their reward etc etc … anyway, i think I will just stop here now


lol every single person that has claimed to have got something has said they got the rank 1 incubator only and not what they are expecting. There is not anyone that has claimed they got their actual reward.


I opened the defense reward first- and when it wasn’t what it should be I recorded opening Exploration. We locked up rank 5 last Friday, so should have gotten the 500 Sino. I only got 200. I’m hoping the real rewards are still coming but I’m not sure what I got then…