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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


I also have a problem with the rewards of the alliance mission. That is to say I didn’t get anything. The mission stopped one day befor it should so I’m not sure which tier we had…but definitely at leat tier 3 and 4. But there was still no dna for both sino and concavenator…
Does anyone earned his reward for both missions?..


Scroll up and read the other posts :slight_smile:


Imagine my surprise when Monday came and my Alliance received a rank 1 Exploration incubator and nothing for defence after getting to nearly rank 5 on both before the bug.

I was looking forward to those 500 Sino…


And you should still be looking forward to them, nothing has changed.


Exactly. They said our rewards for last week have not gone out yet. So what we are seeing now is most likely the second round of missions and it looks like we get these rewards as we progress.


I don’t have a clue what’s happening with my rewards others in my alliance have had some rewards all there dinos but I havnt received anythin :roll_eyes:


How do we collect from last week?


You wait until they give them out


UPDATE: Please note that all Alliance Mission rewards will effectively be sent out on Monday (02/11), as intended. The rewards will reflect a + 1 to the tiers achieved prior to the issue with the feature to compensate for the inconvenience.

IN MY DREAMS! Hahahahahaha…That Bug Game sucks… chat, fights and now i play last week alot. And we was at level 3!! Now is monday and we Start again??? And no reward for anyone.


People are so impatient. You’ll get your rewards. Just wait.


I for one was hoping the rewards for the new week will change…

Obviously not going to


How do we collect the incubators from last week for the alliance ce challenges. We won level 2 on both, but then they crashed or got a bug. How do we collect the incubators from last week before the bug?



Where the heck are the damn rewards! People used real currency to speed incubators etc ludia at least owes us our DNA earned. How are all the weeks strikes etc loaded and they didn’t bother to send us rewards while fixing the mission screen so that people go hard spending again this is outrageous!!!


God, just be patient for once. You’ll get it.


Yeah it’s very possible they’ve changed it to collecting when you upgrade, which would solve problems if the same issue before happened again. But can’t say for sure it is that until we get another completion, but rank 2 is far off with 10,000 darts lmao.


Reading these posts, I feel like I’m watching Willy Wonka…



We’ve almost completed rank 2 again. Should find out soon.


My alliance is rank 2 and didn’t get anything from upgrading. As much as I want to complain, I think there’s enough of that already. lol Just wanted to let you guys know.

Edit: Side note, we’re rank 2 in exploration. Just thought I’d mention that.


I did not get the alliance reward.:frowning_face:
Before the bug out alliance was rank 2 .now we are back at 1…