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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


No-one has yet. Need some patience.


Thanks. Whooooo thought was just me .


It seems like the whole community is going crazy

And later, where are my rewards? I need it now!


That’s no bug, that’s the start of a new week :smile:


Of course people are going nuts! They dangle sino in front of us after they have nerfed in game spawn rate! How can they start new quests without giving out prizes for last one!? It’s like starting a new tourney before they have given out prizes or announced the winner of tourney b4. Obviously ludia wants to milk those speeding incubators immediately , but we can wait till cows come home for stuff they have promised!


Dear Ludia,

My team did not receive the alliance rewards yet. Can we know approximietly when will we receive them or is there an issue again?

My team is JWAHungary.

Thank you,


And if they didn’t let us start working on the next round until they got the rewards straightened out, the same people would be screaming about how we would be losing time on the next set of quests.



Please read the updated first message on top of this thread :slight_smile:


We have no indication that the quest code even works, giving us prizes would at least give us assurance we aren’t wasting time with this week’s quests!


I still havnt gotten rewards for the alliance thing yet. Will they come in later today?


great, because in this update came full of bugs some animations, sounds and mechanics of certain dinosaurs, such as the “jump” attack of the kidnappers and bites of stegosaurs


I remember reading a few years back that one of the script writers for an episode of Doctor Who went on a fan forum after the episode aired and said she felt physically assaulted by the vitrolic comments and hate directed at her. She vowed never to go on there again - this is not uncommon for writers - extend this to devs. We want them to engage but who on earth would want to submit themselves to this and engage with a rabid pack?


Are we just not getting alliance rewards now or what’s going on!!!


Easy fix deliver what you promise on time and don’t just fix the parts that generate income!!!


And you’ve never made a mistake in your working life that no one else picked up on either? I envy you.


Be patient


What time are the alliance missions supposed to be paid out


This is a software company! If this was a program made for a company ludia would be getting pants sued off just saying. This sort of messing up would get you fired and owing millions any normal software company! Releasing untested buggy updates come on!


Yet you continue to play. Hmmm.


I’m a glutton for punishment for sure but what other Dino games are out for mobile??