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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


The whole 4G UK network went down for a day recently (and other countries I believe) due to a software error - it happens.


Wasn’t this glitch really ludia pulling down the quests themselves because no thought was put in to stop people exploiting switching alliances(practically infinite resources!)?? That’s bad design and a choice not a software error!!


It more seems like their developers are bunch of kindergarten kids.


And how do we know some poor dev hasn’t been fired over this and now has to find another way to look after himself/herself and their family … just saying


What you think they finally caught that rouge diplocalus/bad programmer? If that is true hopefully we can look forward to less bugs in future!


It is Monday morning, so where are the rewards from last week Ludia? You verbally agreed that they would be given out. If not then false advertisement


So where are the rewards that you said would be given out today Ludia? You said they would be given out Monday February 11th of 2019. Get them going!!


Meanwhile stops just changed to hearts, priorities right!


They verbally agreed? I don’t think they verbally said anything.

Did they state Monday morning or did they state Monday 11th Feb? Yup it was the latter.

False advertisement? You don’t understand the meaning of it. Have some patience like the rest of us.


Like the rest of us? Have you not seen the majority of this thread? If anything, they ARE acting like the rest of us!!


The one’s not complaining would be considered “the rest of us” from my non-complaining point of view. :joy:


Well, which one am I, then? Sure I’m not complaining myself, but that’s really only because I feel there’s already enough of it going on. :joy:


I am currently part of the Doyouthinkhesaurus alliance and we had earned the max incubator level for missions. However, I haven’t received any rewards. I participated in all tasks yet still have received nothing. Any help would be appreciated


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I’m asking because some people have received rewards and some haven’t. Also the forum post says they will be distributed today and a lot of people have received them whilst others haven’t. I’m asking in case it has been delivered or you have to do something to claim them. You didn’t have to be rude about it, could’ve just been nice or even not say anything at all


Don’t worry some people on here just love to be rude…

Majority of people haven’t received them apparently sometime today though we shall get them…


No-one has received any of the rewards, but some have received a random rank 1 exploration incubator, but that isn’t the intended reward, not sure what that was and why some got it.


The new Alliance mission restarted for us thankfully but still no rewards from the previous Alliance event


We just went from rank 2 to rank 3 and did not get dna as we ranked up. So the theory that we might get dna as we progress didn’t hold up for this round. Would have been nice.


It was posted a few days ago that the incubators would be distributed today… where are they?