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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Today is not over, yet.


Doesn’t seem right that the new alliance missions would start when we haven’t received the rewards from the last one. Js :woman_shrugging:


Ah well I guess the mystery around those incubators remain lol.


Lets not hold our breaths in hope, people. Ludia won’t give us anything in compensation, instead of going to explain to us that “We can’t give you anything since the new week started”.


Small update from the devs, the Alliance mission bug is bigger than they thought. I created a topic for bugs found there Alliance Bugs Feb 8th to Feb15th.

If you run into anything weird please let us know there or contact support!

Jorge will also be doing a post later this afternoon about it to give you guys more info.


Since the bugged reset, we have almost hit rank 4 again, after reaching rank 5 the first time.

Are these slated for yet another reset at some point today whenever the rewards go out, or can we keep striving for rank 5 again without having to worry?

Confused and dont know what to do…


Yeah everyone is going nuts on this. I’m just using the opportunity, albeit it’s small cash/coins, they’re still freebies to collect when you complete the individual tasks per each rank.

Let’s give the IT folks some more time and I’m sure we wont get the short end of the stick. Only good can come out of this…or this site will get lots of posts I’m sure…lol

Congrats on almost Rank 4! lol. Exploration seems to be easier than Defense. Good thing that’s where the better dino DNA is at.


I’m not going to play this buggy game for the alliance rewards until they fix it.


Has anyone else had problems with the alliance rewards? My team the underdogs haven’t received our rewards yet after it was stated everyone would get them today


My post was flagged by the community for questioning why people can’t actually read the forums for the answers to their questions before posting the same question for the hundredth time. Oh well. Guess this one will be flagged too.


we do not have any reward today, what is happening??, we are suppose to have an incubator lvl 3 minimum… its this happening in all the clans???



the Alliance mission bug is bigger than they thought

Well, that’s a surprise, isn’t it :smiley:


Well imagine my shock.


I know you guys are upset but there will be no trolling or insulting the devs.

They are trying to keep you guys updated as you’ve asked, let’s not be rude now.


Easy. Give all alliences the highest rewards. Most fair.




Today isn’t over till it’s tomorrow :joy::joy:


I think you have the definition of fair wrong. You should use the word most “easiest”. As for fair, how would it be fair for those that didn’t do much to get max rewards?


Come ooon! I think everyone can survive without the rewards a few more hours or even days! For now we didnt even have those missions :wink: