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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Ok so I am fairly that we got the rewards as promised however myself and other members of my alliance did not truly get the DNA we were supposed too as we did not get to level our Dinosaurs like we should have. I got the daily quest for DNA extraction but with the amount of DNA we should have gotten I should have been able to level my dinosaurs. Some of my alliance members have said the same thing. So what’s up with that?


No-one has got the actual rewards yet. Some people got some random rank 1 incubator for exploration which is unexplained, but no-one has received the true rewards yet.


Hi, my alliance alpha blue completed all 5 tiers of the quests last week before it glitched out, and we only received lvl 1 incubators. Please address this.


We are addressing the missing rewards, the devs are bundling them now based off of the tiers each alliance achieved.

It should go out today unless a manual review is needed.


Might be worth updating the OP to state they have not yet been sent out, otherwise people will keep thinking these unexplained rank 1 incubators were the rewards being sent out.


UPDATE: Rewards for Alliance Missions have not yet been sent. We are currently gathering the necessary data and more information will come shortly.

Thanks everyone!


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To all you people freaking out right now: they said Monday we get the rewards, so how about refrain from your meltdowns until it’s tuesday? I’m antsy to see what happens too but cmon. At least wait till their actually late before you all have a panic attack.


Where is our alliance mission progress we were in the epic incubator. This should be compensated!? Our hard earned progress just disappeared


Read here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


When will community get thier rewards from Alliance Missions???


Are you this arrogant and condescending in real life? Do you even have friends? God I don’t think I could even be around my own kid if they acted like you.


We should start a side betting pool to guess how many people will come in asking where the rewards are before the rewards are distributed. We can let the mods guess first.


Also true. Anyway there will be always some disappointed. Don’t get it how they miss such a bug like this


Do you know what the bug actually is? If not then how can you even say you don’t get how they could miss it?


Bugs happen. In the end, we’ll all get our rewards.


Hello, still no news of our reward of the first week and especially rules very quickly the crash on the user ios. I have an iphone6 ​​+ since your update, have has decorations constantly, the game frezz. You lose money settled it as soon as possible! Ty


That would be unprofessional I’m afraid.



I think we should all be praying for the devs and mods and sending snacks. <3


Life is like a box of chocolates. :grin: