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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Are the rewards out yet?

Actually I bet on a certain amount and trying to win the bet


I’m allergic to chocolate can it be a box of chicken nuggets

If they are Micky D’s you definitely don’t know what you are getting


Please hurry, my Draco exterminator (aka Thor) is starving.


It can be chicken nuggets, these also come in a box. :smile:


Why has our ranking dropped DOWN 1 tier if it’s supposed to go UP one? Both the alliance and defense ones have dropped down like we didn’t even achieve the next rank even though we did. And they are all saying the wrong names in the boxes for who completed them. Even in the defense.


Please! The alliance bugs have been discussed here ad nauseum since the whole alliance system was bought in. The restart to chat or to see the actual list of donation requests thing is well known.

I have made it a habit of copying my chat to the clipboard before in the likelihood that it will not be posted, especially after friendly battles.

Do the devs not have a look in the forum evey so often to get an idea of what is happening in the player base?

I have to say that it was disappointing that bug stomping didn’t seem to be the first priority of the 1.6 patch, although I was pleased to see that the dinos are now first priority when they are stuck in a strike tower.


These both should be up one level and my username is not SpecialNanoBot so my defense should not say that.


Seems safe to say we shouldn’t focus on alliance missions until the bug(s) get sorted out.

And just continue life as usual until we hear back from the devs about it


See the latest update post.

Also, it’s not supposed to necessarily show your name. It shows the alliance member that contributed the most toward that individual mission.


Just recieved 200 cash for my patience, that’s fine, thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah! I had hope what this is about alliance reward, but $200 is also good to have :upside_down_face:

So I have time for #WhyImMissingAllianceReward challenge :crazy_face:

So… I’m missing it because I want this tiny utarinex be born and grow up at JWA Arena :grimacing:


So we’re not getting the DNA we were promised? Well imagine my shock.


They didn’t say that.


$200 is extra reward until Ludia team have finished with alliance rewards fixes.


Don’t fall for the free gift DPG!! Ludia is just trying to keep us distracted while they make off with all of our rewards. They just want all that Sino for themselves!!
(Live footage from the Ludia offices)


Ok guys now come on. They didn‘t have to pay us bucks for the long waiting but did so.
I‘m someone who wasn‘t happy with many actions Ludia did in the past but right now they‘re atleast communicating a bit and working on it.

It can happen that something works wrong. It can also happen that the problem is way bigger than it looked like in the beginning.
I‘m aware of the many bugs and problems JWA had and that there are still some unfixed.

But right now I‘d just try to be patient and wait. You‘ll have ur chance to complain once they confess that they won‘t give us our rewards. :wink:

Until now, lets just chill. It definitely isn‘t nice to see the big alliance mission crash right in the beginning but well…lets see whether they‘re able to fix it or not.

But offending now really isn‘t fair.


100% agree


Well said @GermanRaptor.

I need to come clean about something… My post was meant to be satirical and that isn’t actual footage from the Ludia offices. I’m sorry.


we just got our defense awards


24 hour ETA so I guess we should all chill out and go get dilo gen2 for our tenontrexes. Save the sharpened pitchforks for when that time window is over! In Australia it’s Tuesday morning BTW ROFL!