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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Hmm. It’s almost as if by multiple people saying the same thing, it brings more attention to the issue?


It‘s fine Memento, I merely meant some inpatient dudes complaining without even trying to give Ludia a chance to fix it.


Must admit, as annoyed as I am about the bug, I am very happy that there was such a fast response. Fingers crossed they find a fix soon!


We have given them chances.


Will wait until tomorrow to truly complain as Monday isn’t over yet.

However, so far I’ve gotten the wrong reward.
Got a tier 2 Defense incubator (should be tier 3 with the +1 tier as they say) and the 200 dinobucks.
No sino incubator yet though.

Most of my alliance hasn’t even gotten that yet.

Will update as this changes. Hope my patience holds off.


The alliance missions for this week have disappeared as well :confused:


All i have received is 200 cash. We should receive tier 4


They sure did.


They said they were taking missions down. Does no one read?


I missed that. Thank you for clearing that up. :+1::+1:


Same issue here. Received the 200 bucks and defense incubator, but no attack incubator. Interesting…

EDIT: just checked and saw I received the second incubator. Thank you, Ludia!


This is unacceptable.


Unacceptable that’s they are giving out rewards and gave everyone 200 hard cash that they didn’t have to? What else do you want? A pony?


Guys have some damn patience. They have sent out defence rewards, and are now working on exploration rewards. Jesus!


Unacceptable?!? HA. Remember two weeks ago when these didn’t exist? How is not getting additional rewards any different than that? Just because you had to wait more than a microsecond doesn’t change a thing. You’ll level that sino later, along w/ everybody else. If it’s that bad, uninstall. So sick of these whiners…


Relax. We will get our Exploration rewards eventually. We’ll just have to wait a little longer, but they WILL come.


I want a pony…


Were only receiving concavator and not sino era tips I hope this will be resolved


Sorry i don’t know if anyone had this question and was answered.
Anyone know if our additional effort to each mission will be added into the next rank if is not upgraded yet?


I don’t believe so.