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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Got both incubator rewards now. Thanks for fixing the issue!


Got both rewards with +1 rank, THANKS GUYS!!!


I got both rewards, but WHERE’S MY PONY!?!??!?!?!!?!?!!!1


Got both as well, thanks!!! I really needed the Sino. Thor ran me dry and I was unfortunate enough to be in the situation where I wasn’t able to go out anywhere Saturday and then only ran into 4 Sino yesterday. This’ll really help!!


I got both rewards, thanks Ludia! However now my progress has been frozen on the new alliance missions…Do more of you face the same issue?


OP flat out said they are freezing it while they work out the bugs. At least you got both rewards, I only got the crappy one.


how those sino fuses looking? all 8s and 9s?


Im doing good for once, I got a ten!


Ok thanks for letting me know! Yeah that sucks, I really wonder why it is so different per player…should be that the same 'correctional logic should apply to all. Hope for you it gets sorted.


Great success! We’re 2 for 2. Thank you ludia


I am upset now Meme! I was all excited about Ludia Being leggo people just to find out they are actually Spongebob Square Pants!


Yup I am happy


Yow! Now they have 8 and 9 to go along with the 10 fuses :grinning::grinning::joy::joy:


The exploration incubator finally just showed up! The Mail message said “Collect your Stun reward” which is true but a strange way of wording it since it was the Exploration incubator for the Alliance missions. Anyway, I got the rewards, hope everyone else gets theirs soon! Peace.


Check the new metahub article. It explains why the defense was called apex and exploration was called stun.


Lol wish they’d fix pre-existing bugs b4 introducin new ones…:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: but I’m not mentally challenged enough 2 believe that there’s a game out there that’s :100::100::100:% issue free


Hi Hersh,

I believe u are expert so can i ask u.
Will our “additional” items, whether is darting, daily battle incubator, arena battle and others for the mission be carried forward to the next rank?
This is important especially for mission like “daily battle incubator”.


It is this complaint but must also know how to say thank you, so thank you for compensating for this bug and for giving us our recomendations. I hope to see an update in some time for iphone users. thank you


I know I can be a pain in the you know. But in this case i just say: thank you ludia. Thumbs up. And hope you solve the issues.


Hi @Calvin_Tan!
Thanks for the kind words bro.
From the looks of it, they don’t carry over (or at least they didn’t, prior to the glitch).

So even if one mission is maxed out, any other achievements for that mission won’t work towards the next rank level. You have to start fresh after you reach the next rank.

Timing when we open incubators and do Strike towers for when we’re early into a rank will be a great strategy to help you meet the coins and DNA requirement with ease tho.