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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Any timetable for when missions will be back online ? Just wondering


Don’t have one, Jorge will do an update once they have the bug pinned down.


Thanks j.c.


Its a testament to how good of an addition they were because they game just seems empty now without them. And we only had them for a week.

It was just about the prizes cause the defense ones werent even good that week. It was just fun. Was also intresting to see how much some of the more quite people in my alliance play.

Id rather you guys take your time get them 100% working then another teaser week.


Ty Ludia for our rewards :)).


Still waiting for the rewards, very frustrating!!!


They got sent out already. If u didnt recieve u should report it


My alliance mission isn’t working at all and hasn’t been for 2 days hope it gets fixed anyone else having this problem??? Thank you Lora


It’s been stated MANY times, the Alliance missions are disabled while they fix the issue…


Ok thank you


@J.C so im assuming since there hasnt been an update all week that theyre going to just remain off until the new week is scheduled to start ? I couldn’t believe that they havent found out whats wrong with it.


Well, maybe they have? I have no excuse for not getting an update, but at this point they’re probably staying off regardless of whether or not they’re fixed because we don’t have much time to work on them anymore. If they figured it out, they’re probably assuming it’d better to start fresh on a new week so that the players aren’t losing too much time. If this the case, hopefully we’ll get some kind of compensation. Well, so that people aren’t complaining about it, anyways. I’d like something for my patience of course, but I personally love this game too much to even consider to claim quitting because I don’t get something.


I do know they aren’t gonna start it up over the weekend, otherwise not sure guys.


So the new week at the earliest. Best case scenario. Thanks


I rather wait a week or two and have it with no bugs, than have it now with bugs. So I don’t mind the waiting, I hope they fix it


I have a feeling its already fixed. Probably just didnt want to turn it back on mid week


So I went out specifically to dart baryonx for my tyrostronix.
FOUR times now, I open the range and dart, averaging 80-100 before the scanner freezes, takes my darts but doesn’t give me any of the dna that I got? This is been happening alot. I look forward to these events and now they are more frustrating then they are helpful. It’s not my service or my cell. I have full bars and live in a busy town. Is this happening to anyone else or am I the only one?

Erica Paige, a devoted player since the day of it’s release. But becoming very frustrated!!! :angry::sob:


Defintiely posted this in the wrong thread, but u should contact support about that. First time ive ever heard of it. They’ll be able to look into it


You mean like how they fixed the well known bugs in the client as part of the 1.6 upda…ohhh,wait…


Right lol
It seems there is more bugs then they were fixed