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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


You will receive the level above what your alliance reached at the time of the bug.


Read the first post :man_facepalming:


Wrong. We were just about to hit 4. We do have a full, active alliance. We replaced a couple of inactive members earlier in the week. It was well over a day left.

Not to mention the difference between a weekday and the weekend.


@Katerina_R It would be tough still, depending - to get our l5 we needed to open 60 daily incubators and 2000 battles, and it was more than a day’s worth of free incubators iirc. So everyone would have had to do 40 battles and 10 people would have had to had daily incubators that they didn’t open from the previous. Maybe you could have done it and bought enough incubators to break into that level, but for an extra 100 concave dna, it sounds like ludia managed to save you some cash instead.


It was 90 daily incus


Along with 1000 total incus and 2000 battles like u said


Thanks - couldn’t remember the exact number, must have remembered the previous level.


Yea 60 dailies was to get to 4. Was the glitched mission that had no description and only said daily defense. 90 was the last step


Ok, well whatever. Remember the daily incubator resets at 12 hours.

So we’re getting what we would have received anyways. Maybe. Again. In what universe is that making things right?

It costs Ludia nothing to add a little extra DNA or whatever to make up for their mistake. This is a disincentive to play the game, or at least for the alliance to do the weekly challenge again.


This goes into human motivation. Ludia is not understanding the basics. Why not make up for their mistake and make us feel better about playing the game going forward?


Maybe I should just put my phone down and get a used X-box or something…


You are correct on that - I’m not arguing that part - it was a bug the people may have pumped money into to get to the next level, people who did that should get extra. And just ludia saving face should have something more than what you would have gotten. I just wanted to let you know what the next round was going to look like so next week you get to it quicker because it’s time consuming. Last level is 2-3 days of work for a good alliance. Good luck next week on it.


So I know that there was an issue with the last alliance event. But, I am showing nothing on the new current alliance event for my team. Is that normal / correct?


And radio silence. Come on, Ludia, 24 hours without any communication is well on the nose. It is well passed the time when the mission rewards were supposed to be distributed. New work done by the alliance is not showing in the client.

We want to know what’s going on!


The Alliance missions keep resetting…


Alliance missions restarted for me and it showing same rewards ( Sino, con). I don’t understand whether it’s bug or they’ve started this week missions with same last week rewards. Anybody else noticed the same or is it just me ??


Just got an incubator with 100 sino dna? Our alliance maxxed out where’s the other 400?


I’ll notice the same , but when we start collect and battle it has reset a lot of times the last hour

Update: looks ok now but haven’t received the rewards yet


Thanks for the 100 sinoceratops DNA.


Its because theyre intended to come out tomorrow. Read the first post of this thread