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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Side note. New week started. Sino again for exploration


when the rewards can be claim? already 11/02/19 but i still cant see any rewards. any update for it?


11/02/19 here too and I didn’t get any reward too.


Both of u. Read the first post of this thread…

@Oberfussmeister @Gs1972


Myself and at least one fellow Alliance member got an incubator for the lowest rank exploration. I REALLY hope that’s just complimentary, given we are supposed to have our alliance receive the highest ranking when they dole out rewards.

Imagine being told we already received our rewards…that would bite.


UPDATE: Please note that all Alliance Mission rewards will effectively be sent out on Monday (02/11), as intended. The rewards will reflect a + 1 to the tiers achieved prior to the issue with the feature to compensate for the inconvenience. @justin larson… yes i saw it, that is why i am asking as i did not receive…


When have u ever received something exactly at midnight on this game as far as rewards go :thinking::man_facepalming:


Maybe wait till theit office opens? There’s an idea


hmmm…sorry over here is already going to be 3pm…


Around the time tournament rewards go out is a safe bet. If we’re using common sense


Same problem as yesterday! No registration of achievements !! Help!!!


Same here.


It started ok. But now nothing happens!


We only received rank 1 reward instead of rank 5 :rage: I hope the real rewards will come later in a message


It seems like the progress is stucked again.

We list done progress in defense of this level and no progress in exploration. I restarted the app, it didn’t help


Guys it is clearly not working properly yet otherwise they would have updated us to tell us. It’s still glitchy so don’t expect it to be smooth yet.

I for one only got a rank 1 exploration incubator and nothing else, so clearly they haven’t fixed it completely yet.


Seems to be be glitchy still, most of my alliance including myself recieved tier 1 exploration and nothing else. We seem to be able to start the next weeks achievements aswell. I’ll feel better when there is an official announcement. We’re supposed to get our rewards today :slight_smile:


Ours is working fine lol


Definitely working for us :man_shrugging:


Yes the new event seems to to be ok so far, but the rewards from last time are not, or have they now changed it so you get the Rank incubator each time you complete it rather than at the end of the week? That may explain why people only got Rank 1 exploration so far?

@Justin_Larson is that what you’ve found so far with your progress?