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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue - Update


The missions are NOT updating. I still have them showing on my Ipad still logged in from this morning when I got home and direct hits and seeking supplies are not updating when I do them.


I was pleased to receive the rewards of last week. However as known the current mission are gone. We had both on rank 1 already and we are a small alliance and only 4 frequently active players. So i realy hope we dont lose the progress.


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Anyone else have the Alliance Missions go awol again? All was well adn suddenly I went in to check and POOF gone


Lol not tryin 2 sound like an ass but ur kiddin right? Tier 2 rewards r better than tier 1. An lemme say it b4 I die of laughter but once ur allegiance does all 5 missions on either incubator it ranks up 2 the next tier. So 2 reiterate what the devs r sayin “WHATEVER TIER ANYONE’S ALLEGIANCE INCUBATORS R ON U WILL RECIEVE THE NEXT TIER” as compensation from the bugs.


My alliance members already received their rewards, most of them received the 500 Sinos from the incubator that we earned, but there are some that only received 300. Weird huh?


Lmfao ikr they b Houdini missions lol


Is there supposed to be a +1 for alliances who got to the 5th tier? We only got the tier 5 rewards.


I’d hope they do bc otherwise any alliance that maxed out on both incubators will get left hangin out in the cold.


Our alliance was delivered incubator one tier lower than we deserved as per announcement.
We achieved rank 4 of exploration, but we didn’t get the rank 5 incubators as announced. We only got rank 4 incubators for exploration rewards.
Please follow the link to see the attached screenshots showing our exploration missions progress and describing the issue.


Screenshot_2019-02-12-12-11-18-12 is that an error after we rank up the the mission


Confirmed - all went South again :frowning:


I only received the incubator on the rank I got to. Didn’t get any special extras because of the glitch… thought you said you’d give a +1 value???


Thanks for the feedback!


Anybody else having this problem?? Screenshot_20190212-084606


No, not even the person 4 posts above you with the same screenshot and definitly not everyone else who knows they suspended the missions until they sorted out the bugs like they posted earlier.


OK thanks for the info


Always good to read the OP before posting in the topic.


Same here.


Til yestersay evening. Nobody in the alliance can challenge anymore