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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Rewards (Nov 4, 2019)

Hello fellow DPG members,

The Alliance Mission Reward based on your player level is being pushed to Update 1.11. This will include other new Alliance improvements, such as more diversity per incubator and an increase in the number of ranks to make the experience more enjoyable for all Alliances.

In light of this change, please note that we are going to reset the current Alliance mission week and starting a new one shortly.


More Ranks? I hope they’re not all going to be harder than it is to get to Rank 5.


See now I get my full irri

Why is it being reset “in light of this change” when the change isn’t happening until 1.11?

Are we being compensated for the progress we’ve already made to get to rank 2 now that we are losing that time?


This is why I saw rank 6 in the code. I see now.

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So all the stacking and saving and prep is about to be flushed? :rage:


I totally forgot about that, all those incubators and progress wasted.

Yep. We are starting from scratch now


Does shortly means by this week or by tomorrow?

It means 3 min ago apparently

Resetting alliance progress is an insult to your most-dedicated players and alliances who prepare ahead of time to reach 5/5. If you have no respect for your players, then I don’t see why we should keep playing this broken game.


Well it reset and we got the rewards we had gained so far, which is good.

However, the excuse of “in light of this change” is bull, they reset it because they forgot to change it, as it has nothing to do with the changes coming in 1.11 as those changes are not in the game yet.

This also goes to show that when they messed up the alliance rewards a few months ago they COULD have reset it like they did today.


This sucks.

@Ned will the people who have yet to collect the rewards before this reset be able to get them? I know a few that don’t open rewards till later today.


I’m picking up on @GPx point. Would you care to explain why a reset of this week’s alliance Missions is needed now when the change happens in a couple of weeks when 1.11 is released? Or does that mean that we will get 1.11 next week? Or will alliance Missions be resettet once every week after the normal weekly reset until 1.11 is released?

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@ned I didn’t open my alliance rewards yet from last week and now I don’t see the incubator…


I mean, it’s cool we get the rewards for the Rank we got so far. But now we lost all the progress that we did. Just one big ol slap to the face for most Alliances huh?


@Ludia_Developers Probably best to fix alliances before adding more things.

Also I just wanted to bring it to your attention that alliance chat is broken. Only been a year so I can understand if being overlooked given being covered in piles of cash.


So just opened incubators. I had to upgrade this weeks incubators before I was able to open last week’s, and the level of my rewards from last week was based upon what rank we had achieved so far this week (2 explo, 1 def) rather than the ranks we achieved for last week (5 explo, 4 def)!

Surely this is not how this should work! I just lost all of our alliances progress from last week? And for what?!


People who didn’t collect yet lost last week’s rewards??? This is the biggest screwup in JWA history, and that’s saying a lot.


I guarantee they won’t compensate people, or at least take their sweet time doing it.