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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Reward Reset Nov 4th

Hello Fellow Dinosaur Trainers!

We are aware of the issue which occurred with the alliance rewards reset, and we will be going through our data to identify affected players. Once our investigation is complete, we will send the proper rewards to their mailbox. This process may take some time. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Good that you are responding quickly to the matter. Thanks for sending the proper rewards to people who rightfully deserve it! I cannot ignore the outrage this issue caused, rightfully so, but at least you are making an effort to compensate. Well done!


Thank you! I like the speed, please keep it up :+1:


Thank you for responding quickly to this matter.


Thank you!


Hold on now, we haven’t gotten anything back yet, so there is a chance we still won’t get what we lost. And if this is quick I don’t even want to know what slow would be.

But I’m glad they are trying to fix this.


Thank you so much mr. positive for the excited reply to my comment. At least we are on the same line about them trying to fix the rewards!


You’re welcome

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Thanks Keith for the update!


Thank you @Keith for doing this the right way for the alliance members affected.
Will you also be correcting the alliance missions stats to reflect what had already been achieved up till the reset?


Proper rewards? For the inconvinience and frustration you caused us the least you could do is to give full (rank 5-5) rewards to everyone…:thinking:


Thank you for this prompt response.

What I would also like to see addressed is the Boost problem that happened with the last update. I have kept spreadsheets from my final boost and from what I was given, it does NOT equal to what I spent money from the incubators on. I’m aware that people complained previously about the game becoming a “pay for play” game, but what has happened was just another ploy for more money to be spent.

I don’t care if I lose every battle from here on out, what the boost system has become will not get a single penny from me ever again.


Ludia did the right thing by now saying they will automatically fix last week’s rewards.

Now they need to do the right thing for THIS week’s rewards by giving everybody a +1 Rank rewards for this week.

They did the reset to supposedly not have the rewards based on player level. However, it looks like the Rare DNA IS still based on player level. So they didn’t even do the reset correctly. They aren’t going to reset it AGAIN, are they?


I not only didn’t I not get rewards but I found myself in another alliance. I didn’t change my alliance but am in a different one now.

Glad that everyone that did not get their rewards will get them, but what about the levels that were gained in the alliance missions today & then reset. Most of our players used up all their interact & so it’s going to be really hard to level up. Also everyone who earned their daily battle incubator now has to wait 24 hours to contribute to the alliance missions. Going to be really hard to level up now!!!


Exactly, i saved 12/8/8 f/i/p from yesterday and used them today. Also i opened 3 daily battle incubators today. All of this is wasted because of their poor planning.


I would like to see that fixed also. I purchased the boosts, therefore they belonged to me. I was NOT refunded all that I spent. Seems like what was done is illegal!

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@Keith Just for clarification, we will be getting

  • Exploration Missions
  • Common: Deinocheirus
  • Rare: Erlikosaurus GEN2
  • Epic: Erlikosaurus
  • Defense Missions
    • Common: Irritator GEN2
    • Rare: Baryonyx GEN2
    • Epic: Baryonyx

And there is nothing we need to do on our end?
Is there a rough guesstimate on how long it will take?
Will there be some sort of fix for the loss of a days work? (Not really sure how that can be done. LOL)
I don’t want to send in a ticket and slow things down inadvertently.


There are two problems with this reset.

  1. We lost time to reach the highest rewards which we can. This hours will be very important (and will be miss) at end of the week…
  2. (and also the bigger problem) Who didn’t claim the last week rewards before the reset, then these people lost these rewards. I hope you will be compensate these players.

One thing that will be interesting to see is what will happen to the timer. They did reset that too, so we have full 7 days to reach our goals for this week. Will they keep this and this will be our new reset time or will they change it back and when, because we will then again lose time from some other week if they roll it back to normal time.

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