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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Rush Reworking


Hello fellow DPG members,

We’d like to thank everyone for their participation in the first Alliance Rush event that ran from March 01 to March 04 and the feedback afterward.

In the days following the event, we listened to the community. As such the team has decided to go back and rework the event in order to mitigate some of its shortcomings and exploitable features. In order to properly do this, we will be canceling the Alliance Rush scheduled for March 22nd to March 25th.

Changes to The March Movement as a whole are reflected here.

Thank you all once again.




very interesting.


Good news! Interested to find out how it’s being changed.


Maybe next time consider obvious problems before rushing features just to have some new content.


waiting for them to announce the cancellation of season 6 aswell😅


We’re not going to see rush anytime soon… Correcting the flaws would mean fixing matchmaking, rewards per arena and so on… When you see how much time it took to barely fix a speed indicator…

I’m still shocked you didn’t see it coming. Everybody was talking about that before it started and we didn’t design it…

Maybe try to ask us before releasing something like this in the future…


I have never seen a game with so many bugs. It’s almost been a year now… just send your people over to Niantic, they probably could learn a thing or two :man_shrugging:t4::rofl:


Niantic Games has also a lot of Bugs.
And let me wait, how long is PoGo and Ingress online?

Do you forget the massive Bugs in the beginning of that Games? :joy::joy::joy:


Despite you let slip some people to take advantage of your loophole, this is a positive sign that you respond to the issue straight away. We certainly can’t count on EVERYONE for having a decent moral system. On our end, we hope you will use this chance to plan better and prevent any further unsportsmanlike conduct happening. We would rather taking the time to wait for your event to be more practical and effective, than a cheesy product done perfunctorily in short amount of time.


Oh I’m not starting a debate nor asking for opinions, I couldn’t care less about which one is better. I was just joking to release some steam cause this game is a constant frustration.


Well said! And it’s nice to know they listened to our feedback and made changes as a result.


How about fixing the alliance missions?


Mr. Jorge thank you for the information.

Please pass along our thanks to the rest of your coworkers and devs.

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I think the easiest solution is to combine the rush event with the highest trophy count type tournament. Ppl would love to battle as much as they could and not dropping the arenas in this case.


Perhaps basing it on an alliance total trophy count would work that way arena droppers would get screwed! No point in dropping down to win battles because your trophies drop to get there!

It would work like the tournament do only a combined alliance trophy count!

Unfortunately the top 50 players might all combine and form the “We will always win the Rush” alliance :joy::joy::joy:


Completely agree it’s an easy working solution.

Make two rush events : one for the first 3 days of the tournament and the other one the last three days of the tournament.


There ya go: Rush for the last three days of the tournament. It would bring the trophy sitters back to battle, if they are going for both and prevent droppers as they would not want to lose their high trophy count.

Win Win.

Rush for the first three days would still give them enough time to drop, bash, then run for the top again.


That could work!


Curious to see what route they go. Doesnt seem like an easy fix since its the matchmaking that makes dropping exploitable, not the event.

Id expect a complete revamp of matchmaking if they wanted to actually fix it