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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Anniversary scent (May 26,2020)

Hello DPG members!

The Jurassic World Alive Second Year Anniversary Scent Strike did not activate yesterday, so today we awarded you with one Anniversary Scent as a thanks for celebrating our 2nd anniversary!
Please launch the game and redeem this special Scent from your in-game mailbox. This special Scent will be available to redeem until June 1st!

If you experience any issues redeeming your Anniversary Scent please feel free to contact our support team at

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Hey, thanks guy’s. I appreciate the quick response


Thank you.


LOL, free scent. Didn’t do it yesterday. :hugs:

Thank you for the scent! I was really looking forward to that one. :grinning:

Finally a quick, fair and effective solution. You can see it’s not that difficult.


You lot see how well things work out when you don’t make us flood customer support over a global issue? Fixed within 24 hours, and its forgotten, just like that. I fail to see why this is so difficult to do consistently over minor issues.


Was wondering if the entire player base would have to contact customer support.
We’re making progress!


Eventually JWA will be great with hardly no bugs and issues.


Thanks for dealing with this so quick and so effectively.

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Thank you for the quick and easy fix!

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Thank you!

Thank you Ludia!
Y’all got any more of them scents? I could use about seven. :wink:

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Thanks you. Happy birthday JWA! :t_rex:


Yeah thanks for the 1 rare and 9 commons was great :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the scent!!

Cool. I was wondering why it showed one of these dropping from a strike, but I couldn’t find it in inventory…

so you can send missing strike event awards through in-game mail :eyes:

Thanks for the scent!

Thanks ludia