[News] Jurassic World Alive | Antarctovenator ESD Event


Hello DPG members,

Over the weekend our team had received reports regarding the missing Antarctovenator ESD Event from the game. To compensate you for this issue, we have adjusted this week’s Event calendar to let you have another shot at the Antarctovenator Event.

Jan 4 - Jan 10 Updated Calendar:

Thank you for your understanding, and happy playing!


Thanks i hope you have a good day


well this worked out better than i thought. two uniques.


Wow! Thank you! Hope it works as intended this time! :blush:


Not sure if this was the very best way to handle it (as we are gonna have the epics moved and 1 day less on rares), but defenetly glad u guys reacted quickly even while on holiday

Best possible response. Let’s hope it works this time around.


Yesss :blush: thank you so much! :heart::heart::heart:

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Not the best/most useful lineup this week so not that big a deal imo.


I know but for some earlyer game players it might be if we got like 100 dna in the mail box it might have been better, tho then again considering i darted testa for 179 i could prob dart antarcto for almost 200, tho i know it will move it’s leg at the speed of light, and in general i’m pretty awfull at darting so skilled players could even get like, 250 maybe.

Ok what am i talking about this is awesome

This…Does put a smile on my face.


Thxs see was it that heard, own a mistake, fix and learn from it.

Yas! Now I can actually have a chance to get it! Thanks a bunch Ludia! :grin:

Yes finally same as ^ I can finally unlock him

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for that! :blush::blush:

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Mixed feelings about this. Luckily the rares aren’t THAT special, but when you do have a one-time creature like this, could you stack it with the epics on Sunday instead of taking a day off rares away?


does it mean you have two attempts to dart it?

Thanks a lot LUDIA!
Now I can get the Antarctovenator, Well Done!


I just got Antarctopelta to level 20 today (I leveled my Diplovenator to level 20 a while back so she’s been waiting for a while). So I can fuse for Antarctovenator now. This news is a welcomed surprise! Looking forward to Sunday. This darting attempt will help a lot.

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I only got 160 from the tournament, so wish me luck on darting 90 :sweat_smile:

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