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[News] Jurassic World Alive | April Fool’s Day Event 2021

:exclamation: This event is definitely not a prank DPG members :exclamation:

April Fool’s (April 1st) is here and you can face off against a giant Dodo boss!
Explore the Map and take on creatures with a taste for Dodos. Defeat these sharp-toothed foes for a special Dodo themed Strike Event reward.
Don’t forget to participate in the thematic Trial event as well! Collect loads of resources in the two day special Treasure Chase.

Use the exclusive Scent to draw in Dodo predators! It will guarantee at least 1 encounter you won’t want to pass up!

Happy Playing, you can do-do it!




Cool boss even though we all saw it coming…


Yeah, yeah, all cool now wheres my unlockable dodo ludia?


Yay! Sounds cool! And this is what I call JWA!! :partying_face:

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I did say…


Sounds like a prank

I mean i was halfway joking, but i mean lets be honest everyone wants an actual dodo

Didn’t data mine also get some new moves 3 of them would 100% match a cubby lil flightless bird


YES. I’ve been predicting this for over a month and its finally confirmed

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They’re just confirmed the boss. We still have a chance for an actual dodo. They didn’t debunked anything

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Is that the scent or dodo dna?

I want an actual Dodo to be added as much as you do, and I agree that it hasn’t been deconfirmed just yet. I just want to manage expectations; it drives me nuts when people complain about not getting things we were never promised in the first place (don’t worry @Fico, I know you were joking).

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I know people like @Schtemty who really really don’t want the actual dodo :slight_smile:
That’s one of the reasons I want the dodo more than any other creature in the game, but it’s just super awesome in general either way.
1 more hour. Can’t wait!


Even if we won’t get it today we still have a chance to get him later. Of course datamine leaks aren’t reliable (limnoscelis gen 1 and 2 for example) but we still get most stuff so i won’t give up my hopes on a dodo appearing one day soon

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Lol the one day I get up early…

I predict smilodon, marsupial lion, megistotherium, Andrewsarcus and Amphicyon to be those. I mean they had a dodo hunting animation in jwtg

I’m predicting chompers myself, given that the Dodo scent guaranteed a T Rex encounter before. Plus that’s what they did for April Fool’s last year with the goats… Don’t get me wrong, I would much prefer that they change it up, but I don’t think they will unfortunately.


Last year they had that for the goat

They were large carnivores theropods, sucho, rex, spino i think, can’t exactly remember

So i guess the stuff that would eat the goat in JP(i think sucho is in some way cannon idk), so cenezoics from jwtg may make scense

Will the Dodos be fixing any bugs while they are here?


Yes they will.